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For those of you who havent seen it,WALL-E destroys every notion you’ve ever had about what adorable is, was, and will ever be. i don’t even-i can’t even describe how incredibly awesome this movie is. not only is it the cutest thing you will ever see in your entire life, but its also a fantastic story with beautiful animation and a whole cast of fantastic characters that almost make you forget your watching a cartoon.

WALL-E (or waste allocation load lifter earth-class) is the last of his kind, or the last of any kind really on earth. nothing is left on earth but mounds of garbage and pollution. so bad it couldn’t even sustain life anymore. humans left for a ‘5 year cruise’ in space that has now lasted 700 years and left behind robots to clean up the mess. altho the WALL-E story was created years and years ago by pixar, it couldn’t have come out at a more appropriate time. while we today struggle with the problems of pollution, excessive consumerism, and global warming, WALL-E is a look into what our future could be.

one of the greatest aspects of the movie is the lack of dialogue for a good chunk of the first half. instead we just watch WALL-E. who, yes, looks like an animated way way way way more adorable number 5 from short circuit sans steve guttenburg and ally sheedy. WALL-E spends his days doing his duty, compacting garbage into little squares and trying to clean up the gigantic mess humans have left behind. but, he has a personality, collects pieces of garbage that strike his fancy, takes care of a pet cockroach (who he feeds twinkies, i guess they do last forever) and watches clips of hello dolly on an old video ipod as he longs for some sort of companionship that chances are he will never find.

but then along comes EVE. a probe robot who WALL-E immediately falls head over heals in love with. she arrives from a spaceship searching for something. and when she finds it in WALL-E’s collection, he follows her back to her ship and…well, hilarity and more adorableness ensues.

bottom line…awesome. pure awesome. and yes, maybe me being of the female gender causes me to find this movie even more adorable and awesome than anyone over the age of 10 probably should. but, if you ask donnie, he’ll tell you he feels the same way as i do (you totally do donnie, don’t even lie).

it’s, i think, disney-pixars best film yet. funny. clever. and, if i can use the word just one more time….




add in hearing WALL-E say his own name (WALLL-EEEE) plus the non-preachy well-crafted pro-environment message tucked behind a little robot love story and well, we have a winner.

go see WALL-E.


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I loved this movie.

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greatest movie ever!

top 5 of  movies of all time

2.some bullcrap that wasnt Wall-E
3.some bull crap that wasnt Wall-E
4.some bull crap that wasnt Wall-E
5.some bull crap that wasnt Wall-E

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Hmm...interesting. So Wall-E was a really good movie huh ?