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after ive just been like
..........................whatevereded XD on trying to figure out what rome...whatever was
this is were you post videogame related stuff (like hey guys do you play wow??)

SOO cheah~
kof will be relesed as a live action BWAHAHHAHA(ARTICLE BELOW)

A live-action movie of the King of Fighters will begin shooting in the first quarter of 2008. The movie will be directed by action director Gordan Chan ("The Medallion," "Fist of Legend"). Production is by Axis Entertainment's Joseph Chou (currently producing upcoming "Appleseed: Ex Machina") and Tim Kwok of L.A.-based Convergence Entertainment ("Wicked City".) and will be jointly financed by Japanese production and rights management group Micott & Basara and Australian-U.S. sales agent Arclight/Easternlight. The screenplay is being written by "Fearless" scriptor Chris Chow.

Production has been pushed back several times and is now backed by Inferno Entertainment as an English language, Taiwanese co-production between Double Edge Entertainment, China’s Enlight Media, Japan’s Micott & Basara, the U.S.’ Convergence Entertainment and Axis Entertainment. Inferno will have the licensing rights for international releases. Filming is scheduled to begin in September and casting for the film is now in progress. According to Variety, the film's genre will be sci-fi.

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Cool, Hopfully it wont be anyhting like a certain few other  Fighting game movies
By The way Gamertag: Samsteele

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Oh Wow... very cool xXi0RIXx.

Good Inside Information....

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We can talk about any VG?

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sure... why not