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Any sport. Talk about how your favorite teams are doing and discuss with other Viners if you please...


NFL - Packers

They are doing pretty good this year, after a shaky start and losing a lot of their starters due to injury. Sunday night they play the Giants. After nearly losing last weekend to Detroit I hope Green Bay has straightened up, because the Giants are not going to be a pushover, especially since they are playing AT New York.

NCAA Football - Georgia Bulldogs

Now this is really exciting. Bulldogs are ranked number 3, have already won the SEC East and are heading to the Georgia Dome to play number 2 Alabama Crimson Tide. It has been a long time since Georgia has won the SEC Championship, but it doesn't stop there. If Georgia beats 'Bama and wins the SEC championship then they will be bumped up to #2 and will head to the National Championship, something they haven't won since the days the great Herschel Walker played for them. There is definitely a big chance for Georgia defeating the Bama powerhouse, seeing on how Texas A&M beat them, but we will have to wait and see. Georgia faces Georgia Tech tommorow, which I'm almost certain that they will dominate over. Let's go DAWGS!

MLB - Atlanta Braves

Well, once again the Braves lost in the first round of the playoffs, and our great Chipper Jones has retired. I'm really nervous to how the Braves will be next season. We have signed catcher Gerald Laird and we have our eyes on center fielder BJ Upton.

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NFL- Miami Dolphins

They're doing just fine, actually., though the season is now about seeing what the young guys can do. Ryan Tannehill looks like a franchise QB, took the team long enough to find one after Marino. The defense is like a player or two away from being elite, and the offense is in shambles. Hopefully they go after one or two WR's in free agency. This season wasn't about wins and loses but more so the future and seeing who is a keeper, they got the QB right so it's smooth.

NBA- Miami Heat

Best team in the league, again, led by the best player in the league and another top 10 player. I don't (and neither do they) care about their regular season record, though they'll probably finish in the top 2 in the East anyway, the playoffs are all that matters. So as long as the team is gelling they'll win another title, and even if they're not LeBron will lead them to another anyway, back to back! LeBron further cementing his legacy as one of the greatest players of all time, we're watching greatness. As someone else here would say, "Beast mode".

NCAA Football- Florida Gators

I still couldn't believe they fell so far with only one loss, when Alabama who has played nobody only dropped 4 spots, plus UF played three top 10 opponents in a row. They just won a game without their starting QB. I don't think they should be in the National Championship game or anything but they should be ranked higher. The future is bright in the Swamp.

MLB- Miami Marlins

LOL, they're a complete joke. Nothing more to say.

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Raptors - Pretty bad, but Lowry is back. That Sixers game had some horrible officiating down the stretch, could've won that won. Oh well. 
Argoooooooooooos - Grey Cup, brehhhhhh!!! Lol not srs, don't watch CFL.

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As expected Georgia Bulldogs are straight up whoopin' Georgia Tech. 35-3 halfway through the 3rd quarter. We definitely have what it takes to beat Alabama.