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this was on my mind lately in lieu of all the talk about the new superman does superman used to do Hokey Pokey with lois? i mean one wrong hip thrust and the poor thing would fly to gotham

did he ever wears condom (sure he cant catches herpes..that is stupid, but his jizz can kill an elephant............i think)

it might be a funny topic to you but in the this new age of comics were superheros are becoming more and more relatable and "real life like individuals" one must seek an explanation

with wonderwoman i think it is easy he has a tough-like-dimond skin but she is the proud stiff amazon warrior so i think it is relatively easy.............exept the herpes part that is a real issue here (mystical mythical amazonian way dude)

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This made me lol

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oh this thread is going to get locked but you get a follow.

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WTF????????!!!!!!!!!!! LOL though.

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Wow this is getting a lock in the near future, but kudos man, lol kudos

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really? closed?

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Is it bad that I imagined him killing an elephant with his Jizz?

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yeah, locked for so many reasons...