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Aren't you excited that Obama won the election yet again?!?!?!? Anyway, because Obama won the election, I would like for you all to post something that you hope he can do for us in the next four years! For me, I hope he can make tuition for schools less money! Also on a side note... who do you think is the most powerful fictional character in anything and everything ever existing from Capcom video games to Goku? Include any option and discuss!

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bring our troops home

as for most powerful oneself after defeating the last boss in a rpg

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Mine is about the same as yours, tuition go down for college students, and your question about a capcom character..... i really don't know, all i ever play from capcom is megaman, devil may cry andstreet fighter, so idk

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I want college tuition down, MJ legalized (I don't care), and the darned deficit to go down.

We don't make crap anymore. Let's make some stuff!!!!!

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Obama won, but aren't we all winners! I just want the economy to get better.