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these 3 channels really were an important part of my childhood, they all had mostly great shows from about 1979 to 2008 it really saddens me that there are only a few new gen cartoons worth watching now but my question is who had the better line up

Nick had classics such as

-Avatar The Last Airbender

-Danny phantom

-Invader ZIm

-Jimmy Nuetron

-Drake and Josh

-Hey Arnold


Disney had


-American Dragon:Jake Long

-The Proud Family

-Kim Possible

-That's So Raven



CN had

-Samurai Jack


-Grim Adventures of Billy And Mandy

-Foster's Home for Imaginary Freinds

-Dexter's Laboratory

-Courage The Cowardly Dog

so which channel do you guys think had the best line up?

nick,cn or disney

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there all equally great to me