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So I hear that they're supposed to add Spiderman and Wolverine in to this next one but will that really fit seeing how both of them are part of the next avengers. Seeing at the end of the movie there was a quick showing of Baron Zemo, so its safe to say its him who will be in the next movie. I'm not sure how he'll top Loki. Your thoughts or what you've heard.

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Marvel Studios don't own the film rights to Spider-Man and Wolverine, so I don't think they'll be appearing in Avengers films any time soon.

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X-Men's film rights are owned by Fox and Spider-man's film rights are owned by Sony. The Avengers and all the Marvel Cinematic Universe stuff (Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Captain America: The First Avenger) film rights are owned by Marvel Studios/Disney.

The only way we'll see those characters in the MCU is if Sony or Fox makes a deal with Disney or the rights get reverted back. Both are highly unlikely. Sony and Fox will milk the franchises dry before reverting and the deal being the more plausible option has a lot of money involved. As much as Disney wants those characters back I don't really see them giving up huge sums of cash so that they could make an appearance since they are producing (arguably) better quality movies than both those companies.

Just my opinion of course. Though I really hope there would be no deal as personally I'm not a fan of Sony's new Spider-man nor Fox's X-Men (super apparent after Origins, 3, and them trying to fix all of it with FC2)

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I want T'Challa in Avengers 2.

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While I doubt the deal would happen both sides have lots to gain from the deal. A little money from Disney plus the offer of a certain percentage of money gained to them does bring it up to at least the realm of possible.

Anyway stranger things have happened. The Lego Games makers are owned by Warner Brothers owners of DC Comics and their next game is Lego Marvel Super Heroes...That's right friends. Anything is possible with willing people and some money.

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i doubt it for both characters are owned by different companies and theres no continuity. spiderman and wolverine don't exist in the MCU and putting them in would require creative story telling along with the fact theres little time left. they might be able to squeeze the characters in last minute but marvel has phase 2 planned already. they are probably working on phase 3

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That was Thanos at the end of the Avengers movie not Baron Zemo.