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i agree old cartoons are usually the best

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Which is better? I'll have to say old. Though I love Chowder and Grim Adventures. overall old cartoons are better.

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Children comedy. Old. More adult oriented cartoons. The newer.

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The old and new had their ups and downs. There were so many cliche's in the old ones.

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Batman the Animated Series are the best cartoons.

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original disney animation (old)

the new ones

old movies

new movies

so in conclusion i like the cartoons of the old ones, but the new animated movies like ratatouille are good too

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Old cartoons for me. They lived and died with Saturday Morning Cartoon era in the 90s.

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i loved the old cartoons but as they're coming out on dvd now and i see them now they kind of sucked...i still love them though

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danhimself says:

"i loved the old cartoons but as they're coming out on dvd now and i see them now they kind of sucked...i still love them though"

Exactly WHAT kinda sucked??

Was it all of those pre-1960's Looney Tunes that sucked? Maybe it was Friz Freleng's fault. Yeah! Friz Freleng sucked, right? Tex Avery sucked? Bob Clampett sucked? How bout Chuck Jones? I guess he sucked too, right?

Do you have any idea the amount of time and effort that went into creating just one of those shorts? The amount of talent and skill that was assembled in order to put together a single scene?

And it's not just limited to Looney Tunes. MGM produced some absolutely marvelous shorts, most famous of which was Tom & Jerry. Oh, and I suppose Popeye was garbage? Yeah! What the hell! We'll just throw that aside as if it never existed!

And those original Super-Man animated shows... JUNK! Luscious, well illustrated characters and backgrounds combined with animation so smooth that if shown to a five year old today, his head might explode due to the fact that up until this point, he has never witnessed such a level of quality. Bah! Total bunk!

And how about edgy, risky writing that pulled no punches and didn't talk down to it's audience? Why that's just pure poppycock I tell ya!

Yeah. Maybe Woody should have gone to the police so that he could have pointed out all those no talent hacks who worked on all these shorts. Then they would have all been locked away and we would never have been subjected to such filth!

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Old ones. Today cartoons are just to kiddy. And I mean it. I'm not just saying this because I'm older, they really are kiddy. 90's cartoons had violence and even missiles. Like in beast wars. It had so many missles in it. It was violence and now we are barely lucky if Optimus has toy laser gun....

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I love the Old School Cartoons. They are way better than most of the new sh!t

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Old ones all the way.

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There Is No Question Here. The Old Cartoons Are Much Better than the Ones We Have Now.

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I would say the old ones because I grew up with those.

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i think newer cartoons are better because the restriction are a lot less that what they were back then so it allows the cartoons of today to almost "go there". even PG cartoons can have smuck and innuendo that children wont pick up on, but its there.

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old cartoons,but some of the new ones are good

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Older cartoons any day.

They had more of a plot, continuity and in some cases more mature feel/plotlines.. odd to say for childrens animation, I know.. but it just made them feel much better.
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Gotto go with old shows like invader zim,Kim possible,x-men evolution and powerpuff girls those were the bomb.

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@Rioteer1994: Thats not really old

I'd say 2000 and up counts as new, before that is old

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Older ones but some of the newer ones are good.Like TF Prime.