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K. So Greengrass walked off the movie, now Damon walked from the movie. 
Director Tony Gilroy has confirmed that the next film in the Bourne franchise won't have Matt Damon or Jason Bourne.

Gilroy told Hollywood Elsewhere: "No one's replacing Matt Damon. There will be a whole new hero. This is not a reboot, it's a whole new chapter. The easiest way to think of it is an expansion or a reveal. Jason Bourne will not be in this film, but he's very much alive. What happened in the first three films is the trigger for The Bourne Legacy, and everyone who got into the previous movies will be rewarded for paying attention. I'm building a legend and an environment and a wider conspiracy." He then added "The world we're making enhances and advances and invites Jason Bourne's reappearance somewhere down the road..."     
Idk about everyone else but i think this is a bad idea and will most likely fail compared to the first trilogy. I would of rather them just change the actor playing Bourne rather then change the whole story. if/when the Bourne Legacy comes out, i will at least rent it but i have low expectations for this film (which can only help the movie if it turns out to be so so)      



  What are your opinions about the recent news? Do you think they should have pulled a Bond and just changed the actor, just left the series as is since Damon isn't returning, or continue the series the way they are? 
Idk about all of you but to me... 


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What's the plot going to be? Some corrupt, persistent government figure is trying to track him down, and send super spies after him? But yes, terrible move taking out Matt Damon, considering how big of a following this movie franchisee has achieved.

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I still haven't even seen the second and third one yet lol
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I haven't watched the third one yet. I hope Hollywood doesn't screw up Jason Bourne like they did Jack Ryan. No offense to Alec Baldwin or Ben Affleck. How can it be a Bourne movie if it has nothing to do with Jason Bourne? Is it everyone else that was in the Bourne films? Without Bourne or Damon...like U.S. Marshalls without Harrison Ford as The Fugitive...I guess...I liked Sum of All Fears and U.S. Marshalls. I wish that there had been another Sam Gerard movie. I wonder why there hasn't been one...? 

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