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I am somewhat new around here. I have one other ALT called KnucklesNelson. I am trying to make this character a Juggernaut type character and want him to be a jerk/bully. I don't want him to be as crazy powerfull as the real Juggernaut. I do want him to match Juggernaut in some ways. I just want him to have a believable degree of power vs weaknesses. I don't want the Merits to over power the flaws. I was hopfull I could get help from some of the CV peeps out there?

The Bully

Butch Dukes AKA The Bully.

Faction: Neutral.

Super Name: The Bully.

Real Name: Butch Dukes.

Base of Operations: N/A.

Gender: Male.

Hair Color: Dark Brown.

Weight: 270 lbs.

Age: 32.

Eye Color: Gray.

Height: 6'6"

Super Power Origin: Mutant.

Identity: Secret.

Place of Birth: Salt Lake City, Utah. USA.

Known Aliases: N/A.

Group Affiliation:N/A.

Avatar Appearance: Juggernaut.

Mini Biography: The Bully is a brute and a well... A bully. He is drawn to anger at the drop of a hat, and likes to pick on Hero's and Villian's alike. He does tend to have friends from the neutral stance much like himself. Buch Dukes was never a very nice person he has been a Bully about as far back as anyone can remember, due to his size and Mutant abilities not much was ever done about it. Old habits die hard, and Butch does not go down very easy. He is an Unstoppable force once he is in motion, and has Superhuman strength, stamina, and durability. He is a skilled street fighter, and can manipulate force feilds to some extent.

Grid Points: A:3, D:7, E:3, F:5, I:3, M:0, SP:5, STA:6, STR:7.

Did You Know?: The Bully loves to fight.

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Alright what do you need help with? He seems fine.

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Bull you have amazing potential. :)

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Good Job.