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I am totally new to the world of comic books. I was hoping to get some advice, tips, suggestions on designing a costume for my husband. He is a huge comic book fan. I want to make sure i am going to do justice to his costume, the character, and comic books in general.I respect the creativity that it takes to develope a good costume. He wants to dress as the character Cable. I have tried to find info on internet and have found many photos of very impressive costumes but very little on how to even start on that particular costume. If anyone has any advice that could help me in any way it would be extremly appretiated!!!!!!

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I've never cosplay before, so I could be very wrong on this. But I have heard a good cosplay can take up to several months to properly make. Good luck though!

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Thank you! I know your right about that it can take a lot of time. It is amazing to me the talent and dedication some people have! Hope i can get some help.

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@carl666667: Wow, Cable is a tough costume.

There are a few ways to go about it. The easy (but expensive!) way is to hire a professional costume maker to put together your costume for you.

The other way is to make it yourself.

Which version of Cable are you using? I have some tutorials that might be handy, but the more information I have the better.

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I am unfortunatly unable to hire a professional costume maker so i am going to be making it on my own. I am someone that is fairly creative usually but im having trouble with this. I would totally appreiate any tutorials that you have! He is wanting to dress as the Messiah Complex. Version