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This is a thread I introduced in more prolific Vine days. But the gist is this:; take any of your favorite superhero characters (make sure you know them well) and translate them to the Narutoverse. Explaining thier powers and abilities in the way that the characters from Naruto powers and abilities operate  (hint ninjitsu, taijutsu, genjutsu, chakra control etc.) also give them a revamped Naruto origin immersing them in the world of Naruto but keeping the elements that make your favorite character them.

Here are some commonly mentioned characters just to get things rolling: Deadpool, Midnighter, Emma Frost , Spiderman, Hulk, Superman, Batman, etc etc...

I will judge the best translation of a super character  to the Narutoverse. It should be pretty cool if people think out their response and puit a lil time into it.

Go get'em!!

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Ight.Imma do Noh-Varr.

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Ug, my mind isn't up to this right now, maybe tomorrow.

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@ AO. Noh Varr is my favorite dude! Or at least in constant rotation with BP, Namor, BBolt, etc... As far as Marvel go. 

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Hmmmmmmm, I know nothing about naruto..


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hmm...i think i'll enter my first contest. 

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Kinda wish this one woulda took off...BUmp!!!

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Cloak would be of the Aburame clan =p
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@~The Wanderer~:
Yes. Yeessss. tell me more.
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Wolverine should be easy