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I've never read Days Of Future Past so you'll forgive me if I make any errors. Dealing with present day & a future timeline which causes mutants to live in internment camps. You would think that following the events of X-Men First Class. I would hope that most of the First Class mutants do not return & are out on their own adventures. Except for the obvious Professor X, Magneto, Mystique & Beast. I wouldn't mind a cameo from Banshee or Emma. But not Havok, now here's why. I would hope to introduce a young Scott Summers being trained by Jame's McAvoy's Professor X (Who's now losing his hair) & Beast alongside new students as the present day's X-men consisting of Jean, Warren, Kitty Pryde & Bobby. There by fixing First Class's mistake of an older Alex Summers.

Much like the story line of Days of Future Past we could see Magneto & Mystique training the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, I would REALLY love to see Wanda & Pietro. Not knowing that Magneto's their father of course. As I've been waiting for it forever! The Brotherhood should consist of a mash up of Magneto's & Mystique's Brotherhood like in the actual DOFP story & to stay within the lines of continuity from the original comic story line. Meaning we could see all sorts of mutants from the first or second Brotherhood. If Rogue does get introduced like in the comic she would obviously defect to that of the X-Men... eventually.

Now of course from what I understand an older version of Kitty Pryde from the bleak future where Sentinels rule the United States could be introduced who can come back in time to warn the team about the future with the present Brotherhood of Evil Mutants getting in their way to stop & defeat them. I would think an older version of Kitty should be cast due, to possible confusion of the general audience. Or would that confuse them even more? You would think her older self travelling back to the past & going into her younger body would be more confusing. But what would be more confusing or less confusing?

There's a lot of talk about old actors returning to their old character roles from Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen & Now Hugh Jackman (Unconfirmed ATM) It's clear where they'd all fit. Except for Wolverine. I would assume Jackman's Wolverine could be from the future. As to where Stewart or McKellen could fit in. Could they take the place of the future Kitty & return to the past to confront McAvoy & Fassbender to do what Kitty intentionally did in the comic? I don't know. Maybe Kitty doesn't need to be cast with Stewart & McKellan already set to reprise their roles. One less new character to introduce right? Also, since this story takes place in the past & future. Should we see older versions of the same characters for the future roles?

In closing, I understand that my views maybe different from others & this could be what some fans may or may not want to see & that's fine. You may have your thoughts & I have mine. However, as the subject states. These are MY IDEAS. You obviously have your own of what the plot should be & which characters it consists of. This being my blog, consisting of my thoughts & what I'd like to see. So with that said, there's no need for unnecessary negative feedback because you may or may not share my ideas.

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@MikeStark: I like the idea of Cyclops being there instead of Havok, I think it was one of many unecessary changes in the First Class film. I'm not sure about Wolverine being in Days of Future Past, I think he's become a bit overused now; what do you think?

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I agree, It was an unnecessary change & would much have preferred Cyclops instead of Havok. Why he wasn't in first class just boggles my mind. I honestly can't stand overused characters. I believe Wolverine in is Days Of Future Past, if he's not. It's totally dumb that there putting him in the next movie. I haven't read that X-Men story so I don't know. I would assume he is cause he's on the cover lol.

Wolverine & Spider-Man have always been overused. The first 2 x-men movies & the first 2 Spider-Man movies It's cool to see them but now I just can't stand them. There too popular and mainstream, I guess that's why I can't stand them.