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Superboy #1:

Amazing Spider-man #669:

Ultimate Spider-man #1:

Green Lantern #1:

Fear itself #6:

Batman and Robin #1:

Spider-island Spider-girl #2:

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I really liked the review on Ultimate Spider-Man. It was a really good issue, and i loved the art in it. And yes, the uncle does look like Snoop Dogg. xD i think it's the clothes.

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Good job on the Green Lantern #1 review. I was actually looking forward to this when I thought it was going to be basically just a Sinestro title. After reading It though it feels more like Green Lantern #68 than a whole new series. I didn't really care for the standard cover but the I love the b&w variant.

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I DID decide to pick up Superboy! I ordered it just a few minutes ago. :D

I am also getting Ultimate Spider-man which I think looks like great fun. I have been pulling Batman & Robin for awhile but I guess it is going to be very different. Still I have learned to enjoy reading Damian and I think it will be pretty good with Bruce too.

Thank you so much for the recommendations and reviews.

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While I haven't read Batman and Robin #1, I totally understand what you are saying pertaining to Damian's relationship to Batman. I think you bring up an excellent point here and many Kudos for that, because I can see that Damian should be more distant or Bruce more distant with Damian. Very good point indeed.

Also I am curious, was Damian addressing Batman as "father" while in his Robin guise and Bruce in his Batman guise? If so, that would seriously jeopardize their mutual identities big time!

I will check out your other reviews a bit later but a great job on the Batman and Robin review.

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@Decept-O: I am glad that you liked my review for Batman and Robin. Also Damian said father most of the time in the issue but when they were around the villains of this issue they said Robin and Batman.