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A month ago I started making up a plan to trick my brother (Walzo) into thinking I'm and 18 year old freak. Truly, there were a lot of ways he could've fined out. So, then days passed and I made another trick I was (this high school guy) and he unfortunately found out that this freak (me) knows his name. He was scared and even a little nervous. Apparently, This trick worked out a little too far then it was going to! This day, I made a message to my original Off-Topic I usually every-day go on (Paddy Maguire Ale House) I said something that made me think I was his bestfriend! I was laughing in in my head really hard! He looked at me and smiled, I wrote him a message saying "I'm your brother, idiot" I'm Walzo's 8 year old brother, and people see me as a cute guy but I'm really (these words I'm describing about myself are only for therefor Comic Vine and the inside of me) Powerful, Smart, VERY mature, and yeah that's how I tricked my bro, Walzo into thinking I'm a 18 year old freak!

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@ONE_EYE_HULK: Haha great job.

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That's gotta be one of the most awesome tricks I've heard about. Well done!