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10: Hitman Absolution

Hitman games have always taken a more methodical approach to assassination than lets say assassins creed. This newest installment to the series is great. Agent 47 finds on the run from the agency as he embarks on a mission of revenge against the people who framed him. The core gameplay of hitman is still intact, making you very maticulously plan your moves and then go in for the kill. Though there are some issues. The disguise system is weird were every one of the same clothes as you will suspect you? That's odd. Plus the levels are smaller and that causes some of the sand box elements to be lost. Nevertheless, I think this is still a great game.

9: Black ops 2

After the terrible MW3, I kept a very cynical mind when it came to this game. I was thinking Treyarch would copy and paste. But what we get is an awesome and ambitious game that proves that COD isn't garbage. The campaign is full of epic in your face action all through out and has a good story. The multiplayer is as addicting as ever with gun game being extremely fun. Also the create a class is a great in depth load out system that I hope stays. I strongly reccomend this game for any fps fan.

8: Assassin's creed 3

The assassin's creed series has always been extremely fun and awesome because of the historical context. Now in the revolutionary war, native american assassin Connor has to fight the british empire. Everything feels and plays great from Tomahawking some in the forehead to shooting a bear to death with duel pistols to running around on the boston roof tops and American wilderness. The historical setting is very intriguing. It's great seeing ubisoft adding details that make the busy Boston ports look like colonial ports. The multiplayer is as fun as ever. I mean seriously there's nothing like being a prostitute and counter Jack the rippering someone. A great addition to the AC franchise.

7: Dishonored

When I saw this I was impressed. I always wanted a steam punk assassin game. And this game delivers. You play as Corvo Attano, aroyal guard of Dunwall city. You get framed by the main antagonist and I'll stop there for now. I'm not joking. There is so much lore in this game it should be crime to spoil it. But to the gameplay. Corvo has a multitude of methods of killing. From slitting throats to possession to time freeze to dark vision ( x ray vision) and the list goes on and on. This is welcome addition to my gaming library.

6: Xcom enemy unknown

Xcom is renowned as one of the best strategy games of all time, giving strategy in the form of micro managing the global defenses and smaller operations moderating your troops on the ground in spec op missions in different countries. This game also sucker punches recently easy as crap games and can live you in sheer blood lust for alien death. It's like chess with aliens and sometimes the aliens flip the chess board and then proceed to flip you off. But that just gives the game its charm. You get beaten by the aliens and you find ways to overcome that. Also the aliens give amazing atmosphere with their mystery and even creepiness in the early game. It even has multiplayer but is extremely buggy at the moment.

5: Mass Effect 3

Yes I know the ending was terrible.

But if you look past that, this game is so incredible.

I mean your face is going to go like this :0 to :D to :'( to D:< to :S to >:( were you find the ending

The start is in your face overload of epicness and ridiculous scale with some emotional parts mixed in. You slowly recuporate and meet your old buddies such as wrex ( if you didn't kill them XD) and Garrus ( I have to do some calibrations) and everyone else you loved inthe franchise. You'll witness very sad moments followed up with frustration and then obviously the ending. But enough of that, lets talk about gameplay. Shepard seems more agile as he can do swat rolls and sprint more quickly and for longer duration. The fighting mechanics are much more fast paced and a lot more fun. Overall despite the ending this game is epic.

4: Planet side 2

Planet side is one of those games that make battlefield 3's scale look anemic. Planet side provides the best large scale war experience of this generation. Each server hosts 6000 people. you heard me 6000.Of those 6000, they are split into 3 different continents. That's 2000 people fighting each other at once.Each from either the Terran republic, The New Conglomerate or The Vanu Sovereignty. Each empire have unique fighting styles. For instance the Terran have spray and pray weaponry and tend to surpress an area until nothing is left alive. The vanu use lasers and alien like tech to dominate the battlefield. The New Conglomerate have hard hitting weapons and tend to brutally bash their way through enemy defenses with shock trooper drops. This game is so epic that epic doesn't even describe it.

3: Guild wars 2

Guild wars 2 is an MMO rpg. It breaks the trend of subscription based paying for more micro transaction system. It has the best PVP in any MMO to date. It has an interesting story. The questing isn't as boring and does't seem like a grind. The sound track is epic and finally the graphics are beautiful. What more could you want.

2: Borderlands 2

Oh yes. The gameplay is just fun. The characters are hilarious and it's just entertaining to listen to them banter aimlessly. Handsome jack is one of the most entertaining antagonists and yet yet you will hate him for some of the evil things he does. And yes there are still billlions of guns in the game. But the most amazing thing are the multiple easter eggs that reference minecraft, batman, TMNT, and much more.

1: Halo 4

Yeah. You knew it was coming. i don't no what to say. This game is amazing. From the absolutely beautiful and jaw dropping graphics to the gameplay that feels you feel light and agile but still provides weight behind your attacks. The campaign brings back the same sense of wonder that combat evolved delivered. The forerunners are back and chief must stop them while cortana suffers through rampancy and without much unsc support. It's quite the epic adventure. Multiplayer is flawless as it should be. The new load out system works well and the new COD like ordinance drops never really obstructed core gameplay. All of the game types are back such CTF, oddball, king of the hill, grfball, and flood which is basically infection. A lot of new maps have been added from a remake of valhalla called ragnorak, long corridors of haven, and the open battle fields of exile. Not to mention custom, user created maps using forge. And on top of that we also get replays of recent games from theater mode. This game is a must buy for almost anyone.

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Hooray! You made it. Glad to see it didn't delete itself. Very nice list my friend. =)

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Yeah! Halo 4 takes numero uno again!

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: I love how you and samimista are the only two people who bothered to look at the list XD

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@GhostofOnyx: Don't worry! More people will post soon...or else. Dun dun DUN.~ If not I shall get out my laser beam sunglasses that shoot out cotton candy! But seriously, this was really well written. Totally true on what you said about Mass Effect lol. Halo 4 was the best game of 2012 in my opinion. All them feels in it.

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I haven't had the time to play Halo 4, but COD BO2 was absolutely horrible for me. I personally care for having a high K/D ratio which in Black Ops 2 that best I could manage was a 1.78. In previous games I had an outstanding over 3.00!!

Dishonored and Assassin's creed where are as awesome as expected!

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@Samimista: Thanks

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@GhostofOnyx: Anytime. =D

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@YourNeighborhoodComicGeek: If I weren't lazy, my top 10 list would have Halo at No. 1 as well.

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@GhostofOnyx: Cool list. I personally think ME3 is still number one. And yes I hated the endings. But I feel they did right by doing the free EC endings. I would still like an expansion of the breath of life scene in "High EMS Destroy" maybe You get to play as your LI and go and save your Shep...oops, I'm kind of rambling here aren't I? Lol.

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Halo 4 is my number 1 too!

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@tg1982: Eh the questing system was what put the nail in the coffin for me. ( Y U NO UPDATE QUEST LOG). :)