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Tell me what you guys think:

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Wow I just saw how many views my thread got. Thanks everyone for watching and supporting my video!

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hey, really nice review.

I recently watched the entire first season of the show...and honestly I absolutely loved it. The story was strong, and the character relationships were very strong. I really liked the characters and became a fan of characters I never had interest in before actually.

In season 2, I was very dissapointed the teams changed. I really don't like blue beatle or lagoon beatle's personality and voice is a bit too much...almost felt like he blonged in that cartoon about kid wrestlers...and lagoon boy just seemed out of place...

perhaps I felt this way simply because I liked the team on season 1 so much. Maybe it's too early to discredit the new team...though it's just as you say. Introducing characters gradually allows for dynamics and to see the chemistry between each characters.

I hope the original team plays a role in this season...I might not even continue to watch if the story stays this way an no longer has anything to do with the story in season 1. Season 1 seemed more serious. The villains were interesting, the voices were all pretty good too...

season 2...I can't get over blue beatle...he almost seems like a joke lagoon boy...not really feelin that character either yet....the tone of season 2 deffinitely is like watching an entire different show. You're review is very on point and thanks much for sharing it.

Final thoughts...are sucks to see your fave characters grow and begin playing vital roles in episodes only to see them removed and replaced in the following season. Robin on season 1 was pretty awesome, now he's been replaced and although he is still in the cast his role has changed. I'd rather see the main team, older, stronger, more experienced and ready for tougher action rather than a new team of freshmen.

thanks for reading, hope season 2 doesn't flop over.

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I'm a big fan of the show... well as you can see from all my activity, but I'm in the middle. I love change, but I need some development into it, Doctor Who is great example, a new Doctor is slowly placed as the current Doctor. When I saw a FIVE YEAR JUMP! I yelled out "Five Years!" I can handle change, but this is too much, and I quote Stewie Griffin "What..what's going on here?! I don't like change!" Greg Wiseman, you are a mad genius! Legend of Korra did it, but they will show what happen in between

Also, I have every episode on Download so I can watch a whole stream of episodes in one sitting. The Invasion has begun, Kezi Fem! (I really hope its not a type of swear word)