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I've been reading the comics of X-treme X-Men, in my opinion, I would say that is soooooo fricking boringggg. Lame Story, lame wolverine with gold adamantium claws, lame artwork. I would make a new X-Treme X-Men with the artwork of Greg Land and the writing of Mark Fraction and Kieron Gillen. These trio, in my opinion, are the one the finest artists of any X-Title. I would recuit new and old members for this kick ass group.

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Just saying though, you could make a list, a tad bit easier. :)

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Ha, Matt Fraction and Greg land would definitely be better than what we currently have.

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I actually love the X-treme X-men book how it is. it's fun and I like the characters.I look forward to this book every month and I don't find it boring at all. I didn't really like Fraction's run on X-men. Doesn't hold a candle to people like Claremont and Morrison.

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I like Greg Land but I don't feel he is the best X-men artist ever. People like Alan Davis, Salvador Larocca,, John Byrne (back in the day), Marc Silvestri, Jim Lee, and others I am sure that I am missing are more deserving in my opinion. In the current books I am really liking Nick Bradshaw.

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@YoungJustice: HOW? Im inexperience of that!!!!!