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Well it's been 35 days and we've (as of right now) have hit our funding goal for Kickstarter. I should be happy and I am. But I'm also cautious. I witnessed a lot of very talented people not reach their goals during this time and I have to wonder what is it that I should take away from that?

I don't believe that I am better then these others. Nor do I believe that I ran faster, jumped higher or loved more passionately my own project greater than they did. What I do believe is that I'm on a path to something that needs to be done. Or I'd rather say My project "The Devil's Pool" needs to be done and I was lucky enough to be put in it's path.

Tonight we plan to celebrate our success. I hope that we also plan to grieve for our loss of self a little. Because I am convenced that fame will come to our project The Devil's Pool. I worry that I've not truly grasped what that will mean for me and our team.

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