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This is my 500th post. I think I have been on the vine for six months now. I first started posting on this thread and ran a comic book term of the day blog post, as some of you may recall. All I have to say is this is awesome five hundred posts. And since my comic book term of the day posts have faded away I am rebooting them.

Cape: just something you can trip over

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You have a long way to go my friend...

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Nice! Everyone is really busy, so the amount of posts varies from different people. It's no shame that you only have 500 posts. As they say quality over quantity!

Good luck!

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Hope you have many more posts to come!

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Congrats! =D Let's aim for five hundred more.~

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dude... you have a long journey ahead of you. 
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i have over 15,000 posts. you suck.

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congrats good sir