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Did the Ninja win this debate or the Muslim woman calling to ban against burka?

In my opinion, if the woman willingly chooses to wear a burka, she becomes a ninja.

If the woman, does not wish to wear it, but wears it because of law and society regulation, she has now become enslaved.

What's your opinion?

Ninja or Slave?

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My culture does not fit yours so I will call you silly names. Durr

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Is it harmful? No. Are you forced to wear it? No. So let it be. Case closed.

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Ninja?  Really dude?  If you're immature enough to call them that, you are not mature enough to discuss this topic.

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@Matchstick: Your take on the context was misjudged. Ninja do whatever they please and they wear a mask to hide their identity. Not quite the same if one is socially forced to wear a mask and gown that will mesh themselves with everyone else that is in hiding. Watch the video, some musilim women do not wish to wear the burka because it symbolizes the lack of freedom. The masked muslim woman is arguing that she wears the vial simply because she wants to despite what other muslim women feels, hence, ninja.

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I'm not a fan of hindering beliefs, regardless of religion, as long as the religious practice is peaceful and doesn't attack or hurt people. (which is why I have such a negative bias against dictator based religious constructs set up currently in the Middle East).

The only problem I have with burqas is the debate that you can wear it while taking identification photographs. A ceremonial headdress is acceptable, but for identities, a photo of your face is required, as much as it is hated. The word of a person alone isn't enough to get by in this world.

And the ninja thing is ridiculous. Everybody knows that pirates is where it's at.

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@PunishCapitalism: Yeah I'm sure that's what you meant.  Either way you can't compare women in France that choose to wear it with women in the middle east that are forced to wear it, it's a totally different situation.  It's not the burka that's the problem, it's the men in the middle east that force women to wear them.  Banning them is not better than requiring them, either way you are telling a woman what she is allowed to wear.
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The irony of that women talking about men telling her what to wear is unreal. She does realize why she wears that?

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If she wants to wear it fine. Personally I believe it is degrading and silly but if she wants to be in an oppressive cult so be it.

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Hey! Got any throwing stars?

Woman on the left sounds like an american trollo that has never lived in the middle east ever. Woman on the right should not endorse banning one's right to wear whatever she hell chooses. Guy in the middle needs to realize he is hosting A guest and B guest and needs to C his way out of the conversation.

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............people are gonna start comin for nuns now

She deserves to wear whatever the hell she wants to wear. She said herself that she shows her face when it is necessary, so she's not out to cause "trouble", and she doesn't feel enslaved. So why is her right to cover herself being challenged? Her body, her decision. Period. I understood what the chick on the right was trying to say, but it's still an unsuccessful argument.

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Woman on the left is americanized. She must of grew up in the U.S and was raised with portions of the islamic values and not the whole. I know a few islamic woman as some are my friends and non hide their faces behind masks. In fact, all of them dress american, but are still highly of their faith. However, faith itself and culture are different. The woman on the right has experienced living in the middle east. She has the right to express her biased towards burkas, however, that doesn't justify what people choose to wear as style.