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Hey bros.....I want to know what music pumps you up? What songs just fills you with energy and adrenaline? here's one that always energizes me.

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rocky 4 enough said

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I'm not much of a rap fan. But 'Hit a Motherf*cker' by Three Six Mafia will pump anyone up.

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The Doctor Who theme

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I know this sounds weird but Big L's "Devils Son" gets me pumped for some reason. There are other "U Don't Know" by Jay-z,"Hate Me Now" by Nas,"No Love by Eminem,"Beat It" by Michael Jackson,"Monsta" by O-solo, etc.

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Black Betty

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AC/DC - Thunderstruck

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Not a fan of their's in general, butLet's get it started, by Black Eyed Peas does it for me.

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wont back down - eminem

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Bikini Kill gets me pumped.

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Nas Hate Me Now, Eminem Lose yourself, Eminem cold wind blows, Jay-Z U dont Know, Eminem Wont Back down, Nas Ether, Big L the heist, Jay-Z Takeover etc.

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The Murder City Devils...... aw aw aw just hearing it makes me want to dropkick someone!

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From anime, definitely this song:

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Many a time, I've been caught air drumming to this. Awkward yes, but it feels so good, I couldn't care less.

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I can't believe these two have not been added:

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Wild for the Night by A$AP Rocky ft. Skrillex & Birdy Nam Nam.

Hip-hop purists will cry sacrilege and most techno fans cringe at the sight of hip-hop - but this song makes me want to throw a couch through somebody's windshield. Seriously, this is a great pump-up song and a surprisingly satisfactory blend of the two genres. DUBRAP!

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Behind Close Doors by Rise Against

I don't know how to embed the video :/

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: Yeah most Rise Against music are filled with adrenaline

@referee: Yeah "Let there be Rock" by AC/DC always pumps me up


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This song still gets me riled up:

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But for over-all losing my mind, it's this:

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Anything by Krewella.

Remember the Name.

Ramallah- Days of Revenge.

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the kill - 30 seconds to mars

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Every time I listen to this while playing something I become a beast. :D

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I put this song on max while walking to class when i have a midterm or finale i get all pumped, helps me get in the mind set of i'm going to F!#k that test up! lol

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