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I believe Mozart get's a bad rap, mainly because often people only know him from "Ein Nachtmusik". Duh, duh duh, da duh da duh. Yah that get's old fast. Really I think some of his young early written stuff was waay more exciting. Mozart is not a man for buildups in music. But he is great at fireworks.

Try this: Symphonies 9-15. These are not as long as his later ones but I think they are superior in that they are entertaining without being taxing on your time. They don't take forever with buildup. If you want buildup check out Beethoven Scherzo from Symphony 9.

But this is quite good. It sounds better with modern instrumentation but the only modern one played too slow for my taste.

If your gonna play Mozart play it like a ROCK STAR. Not a weakling who plays slow.

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I prefer to kick it Ludwig style