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This from the creator/owner of the site.

I run a website called Movie Reels. The main premise and idea behind our site is to “Bring YOUR films to life”. We offer a variety of different ways in which you can enjoy our site. Our one of a kind based theme along with a concept and an idea that has never before been used on the world wide web together with a group of people that you’ll grow attached to makes this offer worth wild.

Here on Movie Reels we offer 3 different positions. Each one offers an exciting way in which you can enjoy our site. These 3 positions are:

Movie Director: Create your very own films. Write your film in a screenplay/script format or film it. Whatever fashion you find more suitable works for us. Create previews for your film for others to see. You create the story. You create the characters. You have the option to either write/film your movie. You make all the rules. Each Movie Director is provided with a $100,000 budget upon joining. Take your film to our virtual theaters “Cine-Plex Theaters”. Watch as others purchase tickets to your film. Tickets DO NOT cost “real” money. Watch the progress of your film as it hits the “Box Office”. Will it be a success or a complete flop? Will your film top the box offices and be #1? The Movie Director who grosses the most money at the box office will be named the “Highest Grossing Director” and will be awarded with either $$$ or a fantastic prize such as dvd’s. Best of all – YOU decide which DVD you want! There are no fees for joining. Everything is completely free of charge. You don’t even have to pay for shipping if you win anything. Our promise is backed behind our guarantee.

Movie Critic: Or would you rather review films on our site? This position is fit for you. Be a movie director’s worst enemy. Speak the truth – give an Oscar worthy review – it’s all up to you.

Movie Patron: Don’t have much time on your hands – then this position was made for you. You have the option when and if you want to view any films on our site.

Along with this fun virtual feeling of being part of Hollywood – Movie Reels has a dedicated staff that will answer any and all questions and concerns ASAP. We strive to make your experience as fun and beneficial as possible. We are not looking for your money or seeking anything in return. We only ask for your help to make Movie Reels the next big sensation on the internet. So why not come make new friends – chat about anything you want and experience something like never before – Movie Reels “Where YOUR films come to life!”

How to Play: http://moviereels.proboards103.com/i...thread=2&page=