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In Your Opinion who do you think is the brutal character

My pick


Guts(well until he got a his whole party thing)

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Locust horde,they're violent as hell.

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Probably not the most but anybody from MK

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Alucard is definitely up there in the unnecessary brutality category.

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Punisher is brutal sometimes.

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The Bastard of Bolton.....

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The Bastard of Bolton.....

How could I forget about him

hope he's in this episode coming up

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Butcher from The Boys

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I'll just list ym two favorite villains here;


Black Adam

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Nemesis (mark miller comic)





Arnim Zola

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Frieza, Guts, Punisher, Alucard, Hannibal Lector..

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Judge Holden from Blood Meridian...and anyone else in the Glanton Scalping Gang.

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Obligatory list of supervillains goes here.

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Any infected from Crossed..........

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Kratos is one of them.

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The Kurgan

Doctor Destiny (at least when he appeared in Sandman)

The Chairman of Apocolypse Inc.

The Reavers from Firefly

The Humngus from The Road Warrior

The Point of View character in any Cannibal Corpse song

Nathan Explosion

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Pretty much this. This is also one of the least brutal scans of The Crossed which says a lot about them.

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I guess Alucard

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The Prophet Muhammad... Yeah he may not be fictional but his works are most certainly pure f*ckin bollocks.

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Damian Wayne.

Any character from a Millar comic.

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Guts and Griffith are both vicious.

Griffith brutally raped Casca, essentially, to prove a point.