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In the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make a monster match up! 
-Morals off for everyone 
-Win via death, k.o, or incapacitation 
-Fight takes place In the real world, in a Graveyard, at Midnight 
-Only feats used from the characters' respective films can be used.  
 Team New Trinity- 

 Freddy Krueger w/ Claw Glove

Michael Myers w/ Two Butcher Knives 

Jason Voorhees w/ Machete 
Team Old Trinity- 
 The Wolfman
Frankenstein's Monster 
 Count Dracula
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In the real world Freddy would die, then Jason and Michael would proceed to curbstomp the old Trinity, then eachother. :)

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Would Dracula be able to hypnotize anyone from the opposing team? The Old Trinity would at least have a good chance if he could...