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Released in 2011 by THQ, Homefront was a First-Person Shooter revolving around a Korean ruled America. Apparently Saudi Arabia and Iran had a major war and destroyed most of the oil supplies, so oil prices have been increased drastically, and a mysterious epidemic has also killed off most American troopers (probably caused by Korean forces). The main story however, focuses on Robert Jacobs and his comrades (Connor, Boone, and Rianna).

Overall the gameplay is good, but there are hardly any redeeming features of it that makes it shine from the other generic modern/near-future First-Person Shooters, which is a shame since the plot sounds genuinely interesting. There are some bugs and glitches however, but every game has their small faults. Fortunately, those bugs don't ruin the experience more than a minor annoyance. Multi-Player is fine, but again, isn't anything special of sorts.

As for graphics, they aren't mind-blowing, but they get the job done. The setting/environment is perfectly set, and you really feel the grim atmosphere and loss of hope for the American forces, as well as their uprising in the Resistance. However, like the gameplay, there are some bugs and glitches that can interfere at times. Also, most NPC's and AI's lack body and face movement/emotion, and the characters can be really bland sometimes.

Moving on to Story, the voice actors did a good job on what they could do, but all in all this story is interesting at best. The game really didn't deliver plot-wise or character development wise, and characters died way to quickly and suddenly for you to care, especially when you only knew the guy for a mission or two, (and in some instances, less than a mission). In fact, a major character sacrifices himself at the end (not telling who), but honestly, I could care less. He had near zero redeeming qualities that set him apart from the other generic badass archetypes, and was only a main character for the sake of having a main character....

All in all, I think this game as a whole was good, but could have been executed better, for the concept was very interesting and had a lot of potential. Unfortunately, poor character development, plot pacing and execution, and lack of special qualities dividing itself from other Shooters pulled this game down pretty far. A sequel is confirmed though, so I hope they can improve vastly on the franchise.

I give this game a :


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Nice review. Yeah this game seems average as it could get just like the movie adaptation *cough*

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@CaioTrubat said:

Nice review. Yeah this game seems average as it could get just like the movie adaptation *cough*


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Yeah I bought it- was alright, but nothing to write home about. Your Review sums that up perfectly IMO.

Also, are you going to review Far Cry 3

And Halo 4 DLC

Oh that rhymed.

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