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I bring great tidings once again of a wonderful experience at another LCS of mine. It seems Mike Mignola was in town signing issues promoting his new series, Hellboy in Hell. Almost immediately from the get-go when I first heard this was coming out I knew I had to get it because I had a huge question mark above my head wondering how this could be possible. After all, if memory serves, Hellboy indulged in his first human meal of pancakes not long after coming to the surface world and thus was barred from Hell forever upon consuming said meal. So obviously then I'm getting this series to see if anything is explained about that. Suffice it to say, my curiosity in getting it brought me on a wonderful adventure today, by which I shall share with you now!

It was one amazing experience getting to meet this man in the flesh. I had previously seen him at a "Comics and Horror" panel he was a member of back at Wonder Con; suffice it to say he hardly remembered much of it or even the fact that I had asked a question there but it really didn't matter. The man was good sport to not only sign my copy of Hellboy in Hell #1, but also signed an original sketch work I had Hellboy as well as a poster I received there. On top of that I had him sign my copies of Action Comics Annual #2, Batman #453, and Lobster Johnson: Caput Mortuum. In addition, free copies of a story he wrote with Christopher Golden back in 2010 called "Nesting" were signed by him as well.

Interestingly during the signing I got to talk to him about a few things. Firstly, I of course talked with him about how the issues of Action Comics Annual and Batman must have taken him back, and he certainly did enjoy remembering working on them, especially for a little part of Action Comics Annual #2. Apparently he had drawn a character within the confines of the issue and was at a loss of what to call it. He then told me of how he sought help of his wife (who was also present for the signing) in trying to help him come up with a name for this character, which resembled an artificial intelligence droid. Suffice it to say she helped him easily by suggesting the name "Bleepie" and it went into the issue. Truly an amazing and cute story when one looks back on it.

I was also pressed to ask him the question regarding why Hellboy is in Hell now if long ago he ate pancakes, which thus should have prevented him from going back to the Underworld. He was no doubt interested by the question because he had been asked that by someone a few nights ago previous to my inquiry and he answered in what I believe to be a nice and creative yet diplomatic way. In his explanation, Mignola stated that the act of eating pancakes was symbolic of Hellboy's first meal on Earth and thus his kindred in Hell were so disgusted with that stunt that they basically washed their hands of him and let him live above their fiery abode. It was as if the demons of Pandaemonium basically in unison agreed "Fine, he wants to live with the mortals, then let him." So with Hellboy having turned his backs on them through his culinary choice, he was outlawed essentially from Hell, but not necessarily barred from the Underworld. In the end I thanked him for the explanation and told him it was quite satisfactory, to which he said that that that was good, since he had thought of it off the top of his head only in those few moments we had chatted. Makes me wonder!

Of course, no signing event is complete without a bit of cosplay, and how much of it there was today at this LCS! Their appearance just added all the more to the experience and of course it was fun to take a few pictures with them along the way. The especially sweet one was the grand (as well as exceptionally beautiful) Ivy Doomkitty whom had gone as classic Psylocke for the event, as well as Krystal Method, who posed as Catwoman. The dedication these people have to their passion is absolutely amazing and it was a pleasure to have met all of them.

And once again people, that's all she wrote for this blog. Another great experience meeting a comic great sprinkled with some downright awesome cosplay to keep the line waiting time an entertaining one. Stay tuned next weekend when I post on my experience meeting ANOTHER comic creator. Thank you and beam me up Scotty...

Alright just a few more because I'm the good guy here ^_^

A gender bent Hellboy, gotta love it, no?

No he didn't give me the penance stare, as much as he wanted....

Amazing Eduardo, dudes! (Kudos to ANYONE who gets that reference...)

And finally, in this universe, Tim Drake shall ALWAYS have been a Robin at one time. Thank you, and that's all, folks!

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The Ghost Rider outfit was cool.

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that chick has some nice headlights if you get what i am saying

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This is one pretty decent Spidey outfit. And that Robin costume is not bad either.

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Again, I'm super jealous. Mignola's work as a fill-in artist on an old X-Force issue from the 90s got me okay with substitutes. I may not even read your next blog since it will probably only make me even more green with jealous envy. (Nah, I'll still probably read it.)

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Mignola! Sweeet.