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This might be a sort of obvious question that shouts "DUH!" But I really am just wanting to know other's thoughts on these two characters. Unlike every character that has come after them, these two are characters in which everyone knows about I mean you'd literally need to have been living under a rock 6 feet under to not hear the name Mickey or Bugs. These two became the first two fictional characters to get their names on the Hollywood walk of fame(Mickey and Bugs in that order), and they have been enjoyed by people and are continuing to do so this very day(moreso Bugs though given CN is still showing the old Looney Tunes almost constantly). Now you know, that these are good characters even after all these years have passed you can still enjoy and watch these two on the TV screen.. 
You can't do that with other characters in the sense, you'd be able to enjoy them for any length of time.
But anyway, anyone else have thoughts of these two characters? 


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To me, Mickey is horribly over hyped, he was never funny, Donald often times out shined him. 
However, yes, Bugs Bunny is THE greatest cartoon character ever created.

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Why are these two the greatest? Both have theme parks (though Mickey seems to be more of the face for his), both are old enough to be my great grandparents, and are still the most iconic cartoon figureheads to date.

Though personally, I find Bugs funnier.

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I dislike both.

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Tom and Jerry

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Come at me, bros.

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This isn't really about who is funnier, just more of what they have done to you growing up.

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I'd put Bugs above Mickey, but that may just be me. I was never super huge into Mickey, except the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse thing I think it was, where they had it set up like a comedy club or something.

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Define "greatest" - Mickey is the only one of the two that as any real depth (across his various iterations), compared to the joker Bugs Bunny. If anything that rabbit might be the most successful troll to date in terms of fiction.

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Bugs Bunny is up there with the best but MM no imo..

Foghorn Leghorn imo is the funniest Cartoon character with Porky Pig a close second.

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They're definitely the best of their craft.

I'd add Homer Simpson, Eric Cartman, and Hank Hill, personally, lol.

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They were ok, but these guys were my favorite Cartoon Characters.

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@The_Lunact_And_Manic said:


Come at me, bros.