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hi guys i have been hearing a load of negative views on Matt Smiths portrayal of the doctor ever since he picked up the role a few years back. But personally i think some awesome energy and madness to the show that the doctor needs. So i have created this threads so that fellow Whovians can compliment on Matt's awesome portrayal of the Doctor and have a place to say why Matt is a awesome Doctor.

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I like Matt Smith, he isn't the best Doctor actor but he is pretty great. Its just some the enemies that have been going downhill.

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He's my forth favorite doctor, behind Tom Baker, David Tennant and Christopher Eccelston

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i like him

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Since this is a Matt Smith Doctor respect thread, I'd figure there'd need to be some evidence of that. Even though it turns out that the Pandorica wasn't what the Doctor thought it was, Matt Smith still did an awesome job in the Stonehenge Speech! Here's what I mean:

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I think he's great. I'm disappointed that he has yet to meet The Master but I hope he does soon. He's going to still be The Doctor for at least Series 8 but I hope he stays for two more after that and then have a new doctor. For me its':

  1. Christopher Eccleston
  2. Matt Smith
  3. Jon Pertwee
  4. Paul McGann
  5. Patrick Troughton
  6. Sylvester McCoy
  7. David Tennant
  8. Tom Baker
  9. William Hartnell
  10. Peter Davison
  11. Colin Baker

Sadly Peter Davison and Colin Baker played the role during the worst era of Doctor Who; I think both of them could have done great in the role but the scripts weren't up to par during their time.

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My personal favriout moment of Matt's Doctor was in the recent episode when he kissed Rory. I mean no other doctor would kiss one of their companions but with Matt it just worked brilliantly and it seemed like a kiss from a mentor to student (whatever that means).

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I like Matt Smith as the Doctor, not as much as Tennant or Eccleston, but a good doctor none the less. The biggest criticism I have about the show is that its gotten more and more whimiscal since moffat took over. The last episode "dinosaurs on a spaceship" is a good example. I liked it overall, but it was a little too silly. I know its Sci-fi, and that moffat didn't write that particular episode, but it was just a little too over the top. I would like it if they dialed down a little.

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I don't like him as much as David Tennant, but Matt Smith is pretty good nonetheless.

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My first and favorite Doctor.

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I've loved Matt Smith from the beginning and I think a lot of the criticisms he's been getting is because of the fact that he followed David Tennent, who was incredible but I think Matt Smith is just as good as him.

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Right here goes *inhales*

Matt Smith is the best Doctor and David Tennant was awful.


I have watched Doctor Who for the last twelve years of my life, everything from Jon Pertwee to Matt Smith.

I've watched each Doctor (though not as much Hartnell and Troughton as I would have liked, as those episodes are almost impossible to find now) and every single one of their personality quirks, which is why Matt Smith is so great as he embodies every single Doctor that has passed. He has the 'Childlike Mad Scientist' down perfectly. If you think about it every Doctor has a different personality, but they remember who they are, what they've done etc, so for them to maintain smaller parts of separate personalities makes sense. This is where Smith excels, and the reason that he is (in my own opinion and the opinion of several longtime fans of the show such as myself) the best Doctor.

For the exact opposite reason, Tennant is the worst (as I aforementioned, in my opinion). He only ever displayed Eccleston's rage which made me dislike his character. Good Actor? Yes. Good Doctor? No.

It also helps that Moffat is an infinitely better writer than Davies.

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The first Doctor I was introduced to. Love how Matt Smith made the Doctor have personality.

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Matt Smith as the Doctor isn't the issue,its the writing of the series.Its gone downhill.