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Poll: Matt Damon or Brad Pitt (18 votes)

Matt Damon 56%
Brad Pitt 44%

I really can't decide. On one side Matt has done the Bourne Trilogy, The Departed, Invictus etc. On the other, Brad has done Fight Club, Ocean's Eleven - Thirteen, Troy etc. Who's better at what they do? (Your Opinion)

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Damon stomps

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Matt Damon, but I don't watch movies with Brad Pitt...just...don't.

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Pitt has Troy. Not even a debate.

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Brad, the Curious Case of Benjamin Button, Fight Club, Interview with the Vampire, Jesse James, Moneyball. Plus he owns the production company that owns The Departed, should tell you something :p

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Oh my god. Hell no, people are seriously saying DAYMUHN wins?

Fight Club was one of my favorite movies of all time. He definitely beats over MYATT DAYMUHN anyday. Holy hell.

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HAHAHAHA!! Brad Pitt, he saved everyone in the world at the end of World WAR Z

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Matt Damon!

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At least it's closer than Mark and Renner XD

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Matt Damon.