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Hey guys just got this today and I did an unboxing vid. Check it out if your curious as to how it looks and what comes with it. Feel free to ask me any questions =) If the link does not work my youtube name is seanakamisery


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I almost got this for the 360, 'cuz my nostalgic side wanted to play ME1 and ME2 again. But my inner cheapskate won out and I just bought ME3.

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Haha, nice I had to scoop it up. I have not played part 1 since high school. I played 2 & 3 on the ps3 a bunch but was sad I could not have a shep transfer from part one until now lol.

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Bump just in case anyone is interested.

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I'm playing ME1 on the 360 since my brother has the other two for it. Real happy though it's not an exclusive anymore. Everyone deserves to play it.

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I wonder how they worked out the legal issues concerning the first game?

Anyway, ever since I saw the ads in the site I have been interested. I played some parts of ME1 in a friends' 360, but I would obviously prefer to actually have the game and being able to beat it my own way.

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Planning on getting it.