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Okay so I've been gone for a while, I was busy publishing my own comic called The Hierophants. Now it's out and can be found here The Hierophants

My problem is that I haven't been getting many sales and so I've decided to go on various boards I frequent to ask people what makes them want to buy a comic? Is it a teaser with cool quotes? Is it a banner ad? Or a video trailer? Anyone have any opinions?

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First off, don't try to sell something that no one wants or needs. Maybe make the first couple of issues free to hook people before actually trying to profit by them. I never purchase anything without knowing what i'm getting into. If you have the time and money try giving a few of your comics to local comic book shops and ask them to give them out for free. This will get your name out there and let people know what you and your comic are about. If this is not an option try to market what it's about more clearly. Whatever makes your comic different or unique should be advertised before anything else. The only thing that makes people want to buy a comic is good writing and art PERIOD. There are no marketing techniques or schemes that could ever change that. Good luck, hope everything works out for you.

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Yeah I would make it relatively inexpensive and have good cover images as well as artwork. Everyone likes the shiny stuff no matter what they say!

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Your link gives the 404 error. Can you post a typed url link maybe?

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Ok. Followed the link on your page. There are no images from the inside of the book when you click on "images". I would not buy a comic book,especially online, without being able to see some of the interior art at least.

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The link is fixed and the images should be up soon. The site has to review them. In the mean time I'll post them on my blog.

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also the preview pages are up.

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Unfortunately doing a google search for "How to maket independent comic books" and "How to advertise independent comic books" got me, only these three potentially useful sites. HOPEfully, one or more of them will be helpful. One thing that I know CAN be helpful, if you can afford it, is hit the CON circuit, and press the flesh so to speak, make contacts, advertise there, give a few free samples, GET ADVICE (it's helped me TONS), and get yourself KNOWN. I hope these sites and what little advice I've been able to give help at least minorly, good luck and don't ever quit...I look forward to seeing the phenomon you build one day ;)