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While remodeling his newly purchased home in Elbow Lake, Minn., David Gonzalez noticed something unusual amid the old newspapers that had been used as wall insulation.

It was a copy of Action Comics No. 1 from 1938, the very first comic to feature the granddaddy of all superheroes, Superman.

StarTribune.com spoke with Gonzalez about his amazing find as well as a subsequent family accident that knocked down the value of his windfall.

"I knew it was worth money," Gonzales told the Star Tribune. "But I had no idea how much."

So far, the answer is, well, a lot. With roughly three weeks left on the auction block, the high bid is around $113,000.

Not bad, considering Gonzalez bought the house for $10,100. But, still, the comic could be worth a lot more were it not for an argument among family members.

From StarTribune.com:

When his wife’s aunt grabbed the comic book amid all the excitement of the discovery, he grabbed it back and tore the back cover. Experts downgraded the comic book’s condition to a 1.5 on a 10-point scale. To put that in comic-book context, a 9.0-grade Action 1 fetched more than $2 million recently.

“That was a $75,000 tear,” said Stephen Fishler, co-owner of ComicConnect, a New York City online auction house that is selling Gonzalez’s treasure. He says the comic book would have graded out at 3.0 without the rip.

The Star Tribune also spoke with Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of ComicConnect.

"It’s so hard for anyone to fathom that, in this day and age, you could still discover a comic book that nobody has known about because this book was in a wall of a house for more than 70 years," Zurzolo said. "It’s pretty miraculous that it even survived and it’s only had one owner."

Got a small fortune burning a hole in your pocket? The auction ends June 11.

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That house really paid for itself...

There. Now leave my dog and good looks alone.

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@awesam: yeah but too bad the aunt had to rip the cover lowering the grade value

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I would literally murder that aunt.

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@umbrafeline: Sure, if you're feeling extra greedy. No matter what, they got one hell of a deal. Funny how the comic's worth ten times what the house is worth.

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! That's some really expensive insulation... It's gotta be really frustrating though, for whoever sold the house.

@bruxae said:

I would literally murder that aunt.

You would literally murder her, though? It also says it didn't tear until HE grabbed it back. After all, the loss really isn't that bad. Before they found it they had nothing, now they have at least $113k as of this article, so the house is basically paid for.

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@dabee: That woman got no buisness outside of the kitchen, not to mention with the mans comicbook. Im sure he grabbed it back because she tried to throw it out or something.

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@bruxae said:

@dabee: That woman got no buisness outside of the kitchen, not to mention with the mans comicbook. Im sure he grabbed it back because she tried to throw it out or something.

probably. that's why if I found something like that, I'd shut up, and then after it's safe and being sold, I'd tell the family

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These stories always make me a bit sick. These finds always seem to be made by people that have zero interest in comic books, or relatedly, those that find sports cards in a relative's attic and have no idea about the sport or the player. I mean good on the guy for hitting the jackpot, but it would be nice for a collector/enthusiast to make a find like this.

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I've gotta start tearing down my walls in search of rare comic books.

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... -_-

I was happy, then I got angry at the aunt... and the idiot who grabbed it like that.

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Some people.

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@the_tree: start with an abandoned house first