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Anyone catch it yet? Personally, I thought it was one of the weakest episodes to date. Particularly after the good build-up of info/secrets from the previous 2 episodes. I feel totally ripped off from the commercials where "Three big LOST secrets will finally be revealed!" Uh huh. More like they brought up the secrets again. Okay so they answered the question about where Jack got his tattoos and what they mean (which was all pretty lame and a waste of a flashback if you ask me). They showed what happened to the kids and Cindy! (Uh, they're all still alive, wearing nice clothes and makeup and apparently "watching". That's it. Great. Good answer, thanks.) And I don't even recall what the heck the 3rd secret revealed was.

The cheesy love between Karl and Alex looking at the stars was just forced. Kate and Sawyer? Whatever. Jack and Juliet? Whatever. More manipulation maybe? I'm just getting sick of this. I'm not one of the anti-Lost bandwagoners, I'm definitely still in the show for the run, but it just seems like this episode brought us absolutely nowhere. Next week it looks like they'll send the Others back to Otherville, so maybe we'll get a few more answers, and FINALLY get back to the rest of the cast at the beach.

But I just feel so deflated from last night's episode. Bleh.
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Wow. Totally not what I thought, dude. I enjoyed it a lot. I love watching "Angry Jack" act his little face off.

But, to each their own, I guess.

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I agree with Metal Head, and I didnt like that they made it sound like this week was supposed to be spectacular either. I love Lost, but I get tired of characters not pressing other characters for answers. That part about "Watching" was annoying, mostly cause I would think Jack would want to know what the heck she was talking about.

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If they hadn't built this week as the ultimate episode, I probably would've enjoyed it more. And great, the preview for next week pulled the ol' "If you miss just ONE episode this year, do NOT miss next week" blah blah blah.

Sigh. THat 'watching' part ticked me off to no end. They probably were watching "American Idol" or something, because it certainly couldn't have been "Lost".

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"Watching" could be what we saw them doing to that, was it Karl, kid that escaped because the big cheese's daughter luvs him. Would it piss you off to get such a vague answer? And then be asked about a person killed by a guy they helped? He probably flipped her the bird just because he knew there were no answers to be had there.

The leader stuff of Jack's tatoo, alrighty ... apparently we weren't aware that Jack was a leader or that he was lonely. News flash, right?

What does this show need right now? Probably less mystery about the current others, a new "others" in terms of something the Lost people can rally against. I thought we were going to get this when there was the whole Antarctica crew reports "energy burst" thing. Not only that, but the thing that killed Ecko would make for a good antagonist to the Lost people's protagonist. As it is right now, whether they intend it or not, many are starting to view the Lost people as the antagonists, not the current "others" because of not revealing their purpose behind being so freaking dead pan. Comes across like the Lost people all just ate a plant they shouldn't have and are all halucinating like crazy.

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I really think last night's episode could have been cut down to about 10 minutes and worked into a good episode. Like others, I had faith in the show again because of the previous two episodes, but now I'm not feeling to good about it.

Though I'm a big enough fan that it will have to get a lot worse for a long time for me to stop watching. Anyway, the hole that Lost left in my heart has been filled by Heroes, so all's good.

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What about the rest of Jack's tattoo? Where did he get the top portion? Maybe they're saving that mystery for the May sweeps.

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I thought they answered that already, the bottom part is what the Thai lady says, leader and lonely, and the top part the Other "sheriff" lady says is chinese characters saying "He walks among us but he is not one of us", my geuss is Jack had that put there to remember getting his ass kicked for forcing the Thai lady to tatoo him in his rage.

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@Metal Head:

I thought it could have been much better.

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