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We at Latchkey Studios are recruiting!
To introduce ourselves: we are a group of working artist that have come together to help tackle "The Industry". We travel, critique, eat, drink and sell sell sell together. We will currently be attending Long Beach Comic Con in October as our first foray into the mix. We want to meet and encourage new comic artists.

But first and foremost we are calling on you to apply to our group of intrepid travelers. If you have a project that you think has been unfairly abandoned by the mainstream and the not so mainstream, email us what you're working on and tell us a little about yourself at latchkeystudios at gmail dot com. Or you can check us out on Facebook or our blog at latchkeystudios.blogspot.com

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Nice, how'd you guys come together?

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Some of us went to school together. Savannah College of Art and Design. They actually have a comics major there. So we love the culture and the people. It's still an art form!