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“GTA Made Me Do It” t-shirts appear on Teespring, target almost met

GTA controversy seems to have made its way into the realm of apparel, as shirt manufacturer Teespring has launched a “GTA Made Me Do It” design that will only print if 150 people place an order.

The product descriptor reads, “They say video games make us do things which shouldn’t be done. To send out a message to such people, wear this exclusive Grand Theft Auto themed t-shirt and whenever you do a good deed, show the message to the haters. That’s right, GTA made me do it.”

The shirt has received 75 order so far art $12.99 apiece and needs a total of 150 before it’s produced.

Following the stabbing of a GTA 5 buyer yesterday this is poignant stuff. There’s also the relatively connected Mirror headline from this morning:


It's always the video games that get the blame for psychopaths.

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Well Spelunky is the reason why I throw bombs at large spiders now, so the media does have a point.

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You know, the world at large praises films and with a large majority of them containing the same kind of material that video games have, it becomes amusing when they solely target one specific outlet.

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It's hard to separate cause and effect... isn't it more plausible that he played 18 hours a day because he was a psycopath?

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Ok just to make gamers angry (which makes me laugh>:) people join rock bands after playing guitar hero so what's the diff?

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Videogames are the ultimate scapegoat....unfortunately.

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That's a brilliant idea for a shirt.