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African Lion vs Bengal Tiger.

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Lion wins.

Animal Face Off agrees.

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Ends in sex

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Tiger should win.

This white tiger managed to pwn two lions simultaneously.

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Lion FTW

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Been done before. Tiger wins.

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The reason lions and tigers don't cohabit is because the tigers killed all the lions

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For the most part lions and tigers live in comletely different areas so they have no contact.

As to who would win, there was cable show a couple years back where they "pitted" two species who have no contact in the wild together to see who would win. They designed robots and using knowledge of behavior made computer animations that would show what might happen. They did one on lions and tigers. The lion won. The lion won because lions live in social groups so they know how to fight (yes even the big lazy males).

I interpreted the question to mean African lions and Indian tigers. The numbers of the Asiatic lions are so small today that most tigers probably never encounter them. And the prides are very small (1male with 2-3 females) unlike African lions.

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Lion is king biznitch

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Tiger, they're just more awesome all around.

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Animal face-off is inaccurate. Just saying.

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I am a tiger fanboy, so tiger wins

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If a fox and a wolf can make a hybrid specie why cant Lion and Tigers makes some beautifull babies (@_@).

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@rouflex: See above Liger post, though it can't survive in the wild.

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A lioness would own a tigress.

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Tigers would win on most occasions easy hands down.

The only difference is in their mentality. Most male lions live to fight to take over prides, Tigers are solitary animals and need to stay healthy to survive. However tigers single handedly take down bigger preys including crocodiles and even confront crocodiles in the water. You'll never see a lion pulling that shit off!

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Tigers are larger and stronger, thus they win.

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Tiger been done before.

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I actually spoke to a Zoologist and if it's a Bengal vs African Lion, I think the Lion would take it. Lions have more experience fighting other cats, male Lions fight amongst themselves for dominance and are considerably more agile than Tigers. If a Tiger misses the neck bite, it can result in SERIOUS mistakes and Lions capitalize on it. People also forget how damn useful that Mane is.

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Stephen Colbert already answer this.Tiger wins.

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@rouflex: They can they're called Liger and Tigon !

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Just because Tiger's are larger and stronger don't mean crap.

If it's a male lion, take in consideration the huge mane he has covering his neck.

Most big cats killing attack is locking their jaws around their enemies neck and killing them that way.

A tiger isn't going to do much biting into a big wad of hair.

I give this one to the lion.

Think people.