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I just think this would be a tricky one.

And the only reason it is two against one is because Link has too many weapons to fight one.

And this is no specific Link, just general Link of any game or comic you pick!

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Well, Link from Wind Waker timeline or any kid Link would lose. Twilight Hero Link and Hero Of Time Link would win. Older, more experienced combatants, and Ocarina Of Time Link could just go back in time.

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The Arrows are just marksmen, Link is an all around warrior.

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Yeah a suppose but they are working together. I think Link would win cos he could just be there neiling down with his Hylian shield in front of him while the other two would just be wasting there arrows. But if Link went off into a hand-to-hand combat (meaning bow and arrow against bow and arrow) it would be a good fight!

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Link got this. Way too versatile.

Composite Link sort of stomps actually.