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Alright now I know Link already has one, but it's old so am deciding to make a new if that's ok. Plus this one will actually showcase some feats for Link rather than people arguing over gameplay mechanics of what did/does/didn't happen or what have you. Now you're probably gonna tell me...

"But Wolf, the manga isn't canon!"

To which I reply

"Ok...so you'd rather argue over gameplay mechanics rather than at least looking at some scans that actually show feats? At least with the manga you don't get confused about it..."

Besides the Mangas do follow the story anyway so why not use them, sure perhaps there are some differences...but overall the stories are roughly the same give or take.

Now this isn't to say that everything will show all the items and so forth, so on that note you would really have to use the games for the items/what they do...but still this will at least alleviate some game mechanic arguments(hopefully). Anyway lets kick off this respect thread with!

Edit: Here is Samus' respect thread. http://www.comicvine.com/forums/off-topic-5/samus-metroid-respect-thread-1509109/


Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

After taking his Uncle's sword and shield, he fights against a huge shadow knight. He evades the spiked ball but gets choked by the chain and swung around, though defeating the knight with a simple pot knocking off the head.

Here Agahnim takes out 2 knights with his dark magic, before then attacking Link the same but him surviving.

Here you see Link(who has the Master Sword at this point) easily cut down some dark knights.

Here Link blocks Agahnim's dark magic and sends it right back at him, defeating the dark wizard.

Here Link takes on a 3 headed dragon and with one swing of the Master Sword defeats it.

Link vs Ganon, here Link battles Ganon, he blocks a strike from Ganon's trident with the Master Sword and then cuts his hand causing him to bleed. Link gets burned by the blood(Ganon's blood is acid) but doesn't falter and attacks again and thus sets him up for a Silver Arrow.


Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Here Link goes to retrieve his sword, but is confronted by monsters however he shows some agility here flipping over the big one to get his sword back.

Here Link sends a Dynamite Kick to an enemy!(Lol) With enough force to send him flying and crashing into a tree.

Here Link dodges a thrown spear, before defeating his enemies and kicking down a door.

Link vs Tail, here Link fights off against a boss, his body too tough for normal sword strikes, he dodges his attacks though. Link then attacks the eye, but then he is sent falling through the floor crashing hard but quickly being able to get up and defend himself from Tail's strike. He then saves himself before going over a ledge, picking himself back up and does a spin attack on Tail killing him.

Here Link fights against a big guy, avoiding arrows shot at him and showing off more agility before killing his enemy with one sword slash.

Upon entering the 2nd dungeon he faces off against more enemies, even grabbing one and slamming him down before showing more agility and killing another enemy while also killing the one he was fighting. He then found bombs! :D

Here Link fights a giant, getting thrown into a wall hard enough to shatter it and then getting punched in the face but withstanding it. He then blocks with his shield bombs thrown at him before throwing a bomb himself, he then bats away the giant's hand before finishing him off with a sword strike.

Here Link runs carrying a girl while avoiding a group of enemies, even tripping one as he runs. He then stops to fight, lighting some bombs and then engaging them in combat(am I seeing some sort of H2H from Link there? Lol). He then takes a club right in the face, falling over a cliff yet appears fine later.

Here Link fights against those he fought shown previously, he also tricks them into thinking he can't move thanks to the needles but then notes that they can't get through his boots after finishing them off with some bombs.

Here Link fights against some sort of shadow creatures, that dodges all his attacks even his bombs and disappears to surprise him. Link then improvises to get better footing by using his shield, before then doing a spin attack to defeat his enemy.

Here Link fights in the water against a large fish, he defeats it....but his sword breaks.

Here Link fights against Karuna, with a broken sword....he also fights with some kicks using the sword mostly as a defensive weapon while dodging the large guy's strikes. Of course Link is the sent plummeting over an edge after Karuna cuts through the ground.

Link vs Karuna round 2, after getting a new sword they fight again. However this time Link beats him, even cutting his sword in half.

Here Link fights a skeleton warrior, simple enough.

Here Link shows the sword beam attack while fighting against a group of enemies.

Just another showing of the sword beam.

Here Link fights against a giant cyclops. He dodges his attacks, blocking, utilizing some kicking with some sword attacks to bring him down.

Even while wounded he fights, here he seems to blitz three enemies killing them quickly.

Here Link fights against a skeleton and his bird, dodging the attacks and defeating him while then also using his shield to catch Felicia and then using a bomb to launch them to safety.

Here Link shows a little more agility while killing a snake/dragon thing.

Fighting against more enemies, even slugging one in the face.

Here Link is fighting a shadow creature, taking damage like being thrown into a wall and hit in the face. Yet he figures out the attack pattern being able to get in a hit, though that still doesn't take him out. His shield then gets knocked away from him though he finally defeats the creature by stabbing it in the eye.


Alright done for now, next up will be OoT and MM.

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Ok folks and here we go for the next two LoZ mangas. OoT and MM so lets begin!


Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time(Child Part)

Here Link fights against Gohma with nothing but a slingshot, defeating the monster even when Mindo was pretty much in the way having to save him.

Here he defeats King Dodongo by throwing a bomb in his mouth.

Gets shocked by jellyfish but is ok, then shows some good accuracy with his boomerang before defeating the monster inside Jabu-Jabu.

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time(Adult Part)

Right after waking up from his 7 year nap, Link easily defeats a couple of Staflos. On a side note here, I gotta give props to that Hylian Knight everything has gone to **** and he is still fighting...good for him.

Link vs Phantom Ganon, he isn't able to hit the Phantom with the Master Sword and takes attacks from him but surviving. Upon getting the Fairy Bow however, he makes an excellent shot and defeats him.

Here Link blinds Volvagia with an arrow before cutting off the head.

Link vs Shadow Link, here Link fights his shadow, showing great skill, agility and also being able to fight on horseback as he defeats him.

Here Link shows some impressive accuracy utilizing the hookshot as a weapon too to destroy the crossbow that Ingo had and then using the Master Sword to knock off a small gem that was in his ear that was making him attack. He also of course defeats some Gerudos.

Here Link breaks out of his chains before fighting against Nabooru, he then without hurting her destroys the jewel on her head before making an escape.

Here Link is frozen by the two witches, but breaks out before then defending Zelda using the hylia shield though it burning his arm before he then gets the mirror shield and sending their magic right back at them killing them both.

Link vs Ganondorf, part of the final battle the two square off. Link dodges Ganondorf's attacks aswell as take them, pushing through it all before finishing him with a slash across the chest.

Link vs Ganon, now the final battle here against Ganon. Link takes some hard punishment while also dishing out some good damage of his own before finally defeating him using the Master Sword.


Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Here Link fights and defeats Odolwa.

Here Link(with the Goron's mask) fights against Ghot, taking hits from him and actually stopping the huge mechanical beast and throwing him down.

Here Link(with the Zora mask) fights against Gyrog showing good speed/agility underwater and being able to make a shield of electricity around him and then defeating the beast.

Here Link(with the Fierce Diety mask) effortlessly(pretty much) destroys Majora in a pretty one sided fight.


Alright well that's it for now, so stay tuned for more!

Tell me what ya think folks! SHARE YOUR COMMENTS! :D

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@wolfrazer: Nice thread! Read through most of it. Took a while.

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@yourneighborhoodcomicgeek: Yep took some reading too, wasn't easy.

Anyway folks, here comes more! Now we are gonna look at!


Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons

Here Link defeats a couple of dark knights, avoiding their attacks.

Here Link fights a giant plant type of thing and using a fruit from a tree, burns it completely away.

Here Link fights a beast, he also shows off an item fruit of speed which makes him very quick as shown.

Wasn't much in the way of solo showings in this one.


Legend of Zelda: Four Swords

The Four Sword made 4 Links, so the 4 of them soon take on a giant stone creature with the ability to regenerate. So working together they all attack in different areas to defeat him.

So here are the 4 Links fighting against some giant eyeball with mini eyeballs, they each grab a different item to fight against it and thus defeating the giant eye.

When the 4 Links get separated one of them faces off against a Dark Knight that can't be hit, however the Link does show some crafty stuff such as using the pots of oil. It isn't until he uses the Moon Pearl that he is able to defeat the Dark Knight, breaking the sword and helmet thus freeing the Hylian Knight.

Two of the Links fight against a monster(or well one it seems), one of them cuts the monster in half.

Here Green Link is taken by surprise from a cyclops however Blue and Red Link come in and save him, showing more teamwork.

Here the 4 Links together again take on a group of ogres and a dragon, before one of the Link's destroys the ground with a hammer and sends them falling.

So...Link's dad is revealed in this manga, and he fights against Link....s. Though when they stopped holding back he was soundly beaten, still though...a nice showing...also showing of the sword beam again.


Alright well folks, there you have it, some great feats for Link that ARE NOT game mechanics....so enjoy.

Link's respect thread hope everyone enjoys looking through!

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XD Nice thread dude. :P

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@wolfrazer: Do you have any scans of Link smashing peoples' pots?

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Link is the greatest

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Put alot of effort into this. Good work.

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@mrdecepticonleader: Yes..X_x yes I did lol, you don't know how many times I messed up on scans and then had to RE-DO THEM! Ugh. Now here's hoping people will stop using game mechanics so often....won't stop them...but here's hoping it isn't brought up so much.

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@xlab3000: Why thank ya! Means a lot when I have work appreciated!

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Bump to see if anyone has any final thoughts.....also to get more views haha!

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Legend of Zelda, SCREW THAT! Legend of Link.

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Oh I know you're a big Link fan, any thoughts? If you're still around? O.o

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@wolfrazer: Give me some time to get through it all and ill let you know. Kudos for only using manga feats. Now we just need the skyward sword manga to come out

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@sherlock: Yep, I figured this would at the very least alleviate something for Link and actually show something concrete rather than just game mechanics. Of course sure you're still gonna have to use game mechanics for the items and all, but this at least shows Link's great agility, sword skill and an item or 2.

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