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Your life is yours what you do with is your decision. In the end of it all what becomes of you is your work, for which you cannot hold anyone but yourself responsible for it. Dont ever listen to anyone when it comes to your life decision..... unless you really know that what that person says is what you want to do with your life. And if you ever dont agree you have every right to express your thought.

In life many people will tell you that the dream you dream is totally impractical but people in this world were meant to crush your dreams, and they always will try their level best..... but u too give it your best and prove it to them that what seems impractical to them is what you are.....

They are just scared that you may become something cool..... Your a bird that soars above them all dont let them clip your wings..... ( ASHLEE HEWITT SONG)

So whatever happens in life never stop Believing in your DREAMS and of course YOURSELF.....

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.... what?

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Thanks...I believe.

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When you came on CV and made a account the first thing you want to do is post this?

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@christiana_perri: Your advice is terrible, do yourself a favor and keep it to yourself next time.

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No, EVERYTHING is mine.

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