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What can I say? I've just discovered that It's been confirmed. Apparently the main villains will be Loki and Galactus and there will be 100 playable characters. Your opinion?

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Awesome. Lego games are fun, was wondering why Marvel hadn't gotten in on that action yet.

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I'm excited. Lego Batman was great and that centered only around ONE character this is an entire universe they are going for. This could really be something special if they do it right.

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I think Lego may be the first video-game franchise to hold the rights to both Marvel and DC at the same time. Hopefully next we can get Lego: Marvel vs. DC.

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For some reason I'm interested in Lego games again (especially after Lego Lord of the Rings). Apparently Galactus is going to be a playable character (won't he take up the whole screen?) I wonder if there will be different plotlines for different factions (Xmen, Avengers, Fantastic Four, Guardians of the Galaxy). I wonder if they will ever do Lego Gurren Lagann...

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Great news!