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Luckily my collection of Comic books and Graphic novels is pretty small at the moment, which means I can take the whole lot with me when I leave for uni. Not sure what i'm going to do when I need to temporarily move my stuff back home at the end of the year as I think the collection may have grown a bit by then :/

I'm in a block of 10 girls, me included, so I will probably stick out like a sore thumb but living in a city I should find at least a few people who think along the same lines as I do... A month and a bit to go.

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good luck and why not go digital , its beats carrying a ton of books back n forth

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@SoA: Thank you :) And, yes, going digital would make things simpler, and I have thought about it, but i'm old fashioned in the sense that I like to have the solid, real object in front of me. reading off a screen just doesn't feel the same for me.

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Oh wow, things are about to get really exciting for you. :)

You're right to think your collection will grow substantially by the end of your first year -- and you will probably need to cart your comics home because most universities require you to clear out your dorm. I'm like you about needing the physicality of the books (i take it a bit further, lol, but I don't want to scare you off). Invest in some great long boxes to protect your purchases and maybe think about getting into TPB (Trade Paper Backs) to simplify things.

And congratulations. :)

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Guess somethings are going to change.

Congratulations :D

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@astrangerinthestreet: i have heard the same argument time and again lol

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Congratulations! Going "off to college" is usually a huge milestone in one's life. Don't worry, you'll find people that share your interests; college is good like that.

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Good luck, cool that you are taking your comics with you :)

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@lykopis: Thank you :) I'm mainly on graphic novels at the moment but there are a couple of really good comic shops where i'm going to uni so yes, I think the collection will increase rapidly.

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@SoA: Haha, yes I can imagine. But I guess everyone does things differently.