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Well I got to split for a while guys

I kind of want to look at some other forums

for a while

its been fun

but theres a whole cyber world out there and I want to see it

Take it easy


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There are no other forums. They are an illusion.

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Do you think that's air you're breathing?

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Buckshot says:

"Do you think that's air you're breathing?"

Actually, sir, I was under the impression that I was breathing forums.

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I visited some of the others before we launched. I'll admit, most of them, the users are pretty much d!cks. It's funny how rude to each other they are. I do check out wizard periodically, but gave up on the others.

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You can look but you will find nothing better then the Comic Vine

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And if you do check out others, why not pimp this site while you're at it?

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My comic shop has a forum. I pimped it. I pimped it good.

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At wizard, I keep putting up links to our previews days before the staff there gets them up. I keep thinking they're going to get mad at me. But I'm just trying to share the news. Oh crap, just remembered I have some more to put up.

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I've been going to the GameFAQs Comic board for years, and love it. Everybody there is nice, intelligent, and well-informed. Not to mention diverse in tastes and knowledge.

Actually, that's where Hanky Chief first posted the link to CV on launch day, and I've been here ever since.

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Yeah, I made Hankychief do that or I was gonna fail him.

Actually he did it on his own. Some of my brilliance must be rubbing off on him.

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He'll be back. They always come back.

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I post in CBR forums and I put a link to comic vine in there... now I only post there whenevers so people can see that link lol.

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I needed you for my next rpg.

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Please don't leave, sweets. Your writing is just so passionate, it's wonderful to read. And besides, I'd miss you.

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Yeah, I second Walkingstone. No need to go when there's some good people here about.

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plz dunt leev

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Newbie ^^

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Batman ^^

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<< Spongebob

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Why was this resurrected?

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Just passing by...*posts random gif*

I'm outa here nigga!. damn right.

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@elderstarlord117: Please don't bump years old threads like this without adding anything of value. Thanks.