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You are wandering the streets of london after heckling some palace guards. You take a wrong turn and end up, somehow, in the secret office with a strange and extraordinary contraption in the middle of the room, below a building. A man in a coat sees you and gives you a slip of paper and hastily leaves. "The crown and the united nation needs your services" it says,"the machine before you is a machine capable of plucking atleast 10 men and or/women from the past. You are to use this to create a new league of extraordinary gentleman. within 46 seconds of reading this note, the heat from your hands will activate the micro-capsules of acid within this paper and destroy the note. your country thanks y-" You dont get to finish the note as the note crumbles and burns as you flap your hands, now bereft of fingerprints, in pain. You walk up to the machine and tenderly fidget with the control panel and get to work. It is your vacation and have fun and you are sure the gov't wont mind.

What 10 or less fictional or real characters (even doctor who, im allowing that) from literature do you use to create your own team?no comic book characters from the major comic books.

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i would pick caliban, don quixote, randolph carter, van helsing, sherlock holmes, miyamoto musashi and beowulf.

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-The man with no name (Clint Eastwood) "The loner"

-Theodore Roosevelt "The leader"

-John Marston "The outlaw"

-Tarzan "The savage"

-Anomander Rake "The outsider"

-Miyamoto Musashi "The swordsman"

-Nathan Drake "The looks"

-Albert Einstein "The brains"

-Napoleon Bonaparte 'The megalomaniac"

-Gandhi "The pacifist"

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I really love the writing/story of this OP.

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what does OP mean? :P new to blogging.

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@mightypug78 said:

what does OP mean? :P new to blogging.

"Opening post"

"Original post"


Basically it just means the first post by the thread creator.

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thanks for the compliment. :D

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Leader/espionage- James Bond 
Powerhouse- Dracula 
Mage- Albus Dumbledore 
Warrior/Military strategist- Achilles  
Detective- Sherlock Holmes 
Wild Card- Mowgli from Jungle Book (plus, his talking to animals could come in handy)