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You know those generic "Best of 2013" lists? Well, this is one of those, except addressing non-comic book stuff. Keep in mind, it's basically saying these are my favorites and I'm not saying they're technically the "best." Because... you know, subjective content and all that jazz. Anyhow, let's get listy with it.

Favorite Movie: The World's End

I'll admit, I wasn't the biggest fan of the ending after my first viewing. Since then, I've watched the movie 4 times and I can confidently say it's not only my favorite Edgar Wright film, but without question my favorite film of 2013. Consistently hilarious, emotional and impressively creative, there's just so much to love with the cornetto trilogy's final film. Nick Frost deserves so much praise for those actions scenes (and not to mention Wright for how they're shot) and, as usual, Simon Pegg gives a commendable performance. Beyond strongly recommended. Go see it.

Favorite TV Show: Breaking Bad

Look, I love quite a few TV shows, but this is a blatantly obvious choice. When it comes to television in 2013, the brilliance of Breaking Bad is unparalleled. Superb directing, topnotch acting and sharp writing made for an absolutely stunning and breathtaking conclusion to what will most certainly go down as one of TV's greatest shows. Sure, there weren't any major shockers in the finale, but it was still a hugely satisfying way to top things off and the ride there was beyond tense.

Favorite Video Game: BioShock Infinite

The first BioShock is without question one of my top 3 games of all time. The immersive world, the stellar writing and the refreshing first person action were beyond delicious. The third game gives us two of those again, so I'd consider that a big win. I'll be blunt: the gameplay itself wasn't all that special. The rails were amusing, but nothing about the combat made it feel truly unique or innovative. It was fun, but again, nothing mind-blowing. The world and the writing, though? Slow clap worthy. Yet again, this franchise hits us with a disturbingly engrossing environment and the plot progression had me hooked. My emotions were 150% invested in the story and the ending left me speechless.

*No, I haven't completed/started GTA V, The Last of Us or Tomb Raider, so it wouldn't feel right giving one of them the honor.

I wanted to include favorite album, but honestly, I wasn't too passionate about the stuff I bought this year.

So, what would everyone else put for these categories?

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Hmmmm... Interesting Topic.

I shall go second then...

Favorite Movie : The Wolf of Wall Street - Easily the Best Film I had seen in 2013 and it came right at the end... from the brilliant and hilarious acting of Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill to the incredible script and pacing of the film ( didn't feel like a 3 hour film at all ). What a wonderful Surprise !

Favorite TV Show : Justice League Unlimited - Yeah they are Reruns, but they keep me entertained while I am at the Jo..... or em at Home. Yeah....

Favorite Video Game - Grand Theft Auto 5, the Graphics are Wonderful and obviously the overall options of things you have to do in the game is an absolute plus. I always loved games like that. Saints Row 4 is a close second though just because of the absolute insanity going on in the game.

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Interesting choices guys. My turnnn:

Favourite Movie: Man of Steel - I'm expecting criticism but I don't give a crap, I thought the film was very well executed, plenty of action scenes which is what I love and a major improvement, in my mind, over the previous Superman film (Superman Returns). Loved it.

Favourite TV Show: Arrow - I know some people may count Arrow as a 2012 tv series, but as I live "across the pond" in Europe, I only got to see it earlier this year, and then season 2 which I'm currently watching. I've found the series to be so good and fun to watch, very rarely do I get to come across a series like this one. Thoroughly enjoyed, again, all the action as well as the dramas, to a certain extent.

Favourite Video Game: Battlefield 4 - I really can't see the hype over all the Call of Duty games when you've got Battlefield games with mind blowing graphics that make the fun seem so real. Story mode is decent, but it's not what I care about when I play first shooter games, for me it's the online and Battlefield 4 carries the gauntlet for its predecessor (Battlefield 3) for an amazing online multiplayer experience. Easily tops all the other games for me.

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Favourite movie: Tie between The World's End and Rush

As for anyone who doesn't know, Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright have to be the best collab team in the WORLD (heh)! The World's End manages to create its own unique and distinct style so abhorrently absent from a vast majority of mainstream Hollywood films that it leaves you craving for more. There's a distinctive tone that shows it manages to keep a light hearted tone but man... when it gets emotional, it really hits you in the feels.

As for Rush, this had to be my biggest surprise of the year. I had very low to average expectations going on and despite a general lack of advanced car knowledge, I still adore them. Rush left me in awe as it had arguably two of the most underrated performances in the form of Hemsworth and Bruhl as the title leads. The film represents both their cases, having you root for either man at any given time and allowing you to care for their struggles. In addition, Rush has some of the most adrenaline pumping and stress inducing scenes of any film this year.

Favourite TV Show: Arrow The Legend of Korra

Oh noes, look at this guy! This was supposed to be NON-comic related. Switching my answer to the only right answer; The Legend of Korra! Listen, I'm biased. I don't care. I LOOOOOOOVE the Avatarverse and I adored the first season of Korra. The second had a less than admirable start but when things started to roll into motion, it was arguably one of the most engaging and gorgeous things on television. Avatar Wan anyone?

Favourite Video Game: Metro: Last Light

Let's be serious? Who here has really played this game, let alone heard of it? Shame on you guys, FOR SHAME! Seriously though, Metro is my game of the year and for good reason. Despite tremendous competition, Last Light caught my attention and reeled me into what may be the most engrossing experience of the past generation. An unparalleled setting and atmosphere with stunning visuals and slew of gameplay options that have yet to be rivaled in first person shooters and by extension, most action adventure games. Metro captured my attention and never let go until the last second.

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Favorite Movie: Jon_Anon's Films Of The Year

Favourite TV Show: Breaking Bad for much of the same reasons @k4tzm4n stated just an amazing country noir, runners up would be Dr Who (just got in to it) and Homeland.

Favorite Game: Again I'd agree with K4tz, Bioshock is just crazy breathtaking.

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Favourite movie: well its tie between Man of Steel and Catching Fire.

Favourite TV show: a tie again: Game of Thrones and Orphan Black

Favourite game: Injustice: Gods among us: AQUAMAN FOR DA WIN!

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Favorite Movie: The Grandmaster

What can I say? I'm a martial arts junkie, and this was a pretty awesome martial arts film in my opinion. An all around great interpretation of Ip Man's extremely interesting life.

Favorite TV Show: Legend of Korra

I think Legend of Korra started off at the beginning of its new season with Korra being an extremely rambunctious and unlikeable character. While I saw many complain of this, and even jump shark from the show because of this, I think it ironically served to develop the other supporting characters of the series. We saw Mako take more responsibility for example. Overall, I think the show was able to make major strides in development by the end of the season, and I can't wait for the third season.

Favorite Video Game: Batman: Arkham Origins

I am not much of a Batman fan, and I was not really excited to get this at first. But after watching a few of the advertisements, and getting bugged by friends to check it out, I decided to buy Origins. Despite not being well versed in Batman's mythos, I think the game was very accessible to someone like me, and I found taking on all those assassins to be extremely fun. And seeing as how people have described it as being a little of a downgrade in comparison to the Arkham games, I'm excited to check out the rest of the series.

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Favorite movie: 42. This was a very inspirational and respectable U.S. Civil Rights film. It was almost as good as Mississippi Burning. I greatly enjoyed this film, and I would highly recommend it to others who take interest in these types of films. It pertains to the baseball player Jackie Robinson. It had an authentic feel to it.

Favorite TV Show: None. lol Sorry.

Favorite video game: Killzone Shadow Fall. Very good visuals, gameplay and multiplayer.

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Let's see...

Favorite movie: Star Trek Into Darkness. So I don't watch a ton of movies, and yes I know it's nothing like old school Star Trek. Yes I know they switched Kirk and Spock and hearing Spock yelling that classic line was a little goofy, and yes I realize that considering how much @SS Kahn kicked throughout the movie having Spock just beat him down didn't make much sense. All that being said, the moment where the U.S.S. Enterprise is traveling at warp and they get knocked out of it is one of the coolest things I've ever seen in a science fiction movie.

Favorite TV show: Arrow, Walking Dead, Home Movies. So this is totally cheating. Arrow ending on a super high note while taking a while to get going, Walking Dead did the opposite I thought. Bringing the Govenor back could only end one way, and while that ending was action packed and gasp inducing it was still seen coming from a mile away. Sort of had the time bomb factor though which worked. Watching Barry Allen get his powers was fantastic, and the particle accelerator was a brilliant addition to the accident that created The Flash. That being said I went backed and watched Home Movies from before the turn of the century because a friend had never seen the show before. I then proceeded to watch the entire series back to back to back. The wit of that show is arguably unparalleled by any other cartoon I've ever watched. Coach McGuirk is so awesome.

Favorite Video Game: Saints Row IV takes this for me. Not going to argue whether it's the best game of the year. I'm only going to state it's the one I had the most fun with, and it seems like lately that's all I want from my games, not to be enlightened or emotional shook up, just to have fun.

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Favorite Movie- Man of Steel. Man tears in at least 3 parts of the movie and the action was better in quality and quantity than Avengers. I can only assume what a JL movie would do in Zack Snyder's hands.

Favorite TV Show

Over- Breaking Bad. One of the best written TV shows and launched Aaron Paul's career. Hopefully we get him in a CBM one day.

With more than one season- I guess this would go to Arrow. The show is damn good and the Flash episodes would get make it one of my favorites alone.

Rookie (premiered this year)- The only show that meets this qualification is Hannibal. It's been good so far. I expect great things from it.

Video Game- GTA 5. I love a great story, in TV, Movies, Video Games or pron. You get Micheal ex thief who's family suffers change from living in a rich neighborhood, Trevor is a mad man who want's to be a huge crime lord, and Franklin who is star struck and wishes to be like them. Meanwhile their Government want to use them.

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Favorite Movie - I honestly don't know....I loved The World's End just as much as I loved Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz but at this point I'm not really sure if it was my favorite movie of the year since there's a few from last year that I haven't watched yet

Favorite TV Show - Arrow...I really liked the first season and I feel like they totally stepped up their game with the second season so far. I love catching all the little easter eggs like having Ivo's ship named Amazo. I loved Black Canary in this and I really hope that it's not long before they bring her back to the present day in the show.

Favorite Video Game - Tomb Raider...I'm big on action/adventure games to the point where they're really the only games that I play anymore. The Uncharted series is my all time favorite set of games and the similarities between Tomb Raider and Uncharted are pretty obvious. I'll be honest here also...I never really liked the original Tomb Raider games but with the reboot I feel like this could easily be one of the best games ever. I'm super pumped for Gail Simone's comic series (I loved the Top Cow Tomb Raider book) and I can't wait for the second game to come out.

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Favorite Movie: The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug - I've always loved the movies based on Tolkien's books and this is another great one. Smaug was great!

Favorite TV show: Transformers Prime - Made me a little sad to see the greatest Transformers show come to an end but I enjoyed every minute of the final season and the chance to see the Autobots roll out one more time.

Favorite Video Game: Pokemon Y/Saints Row 4- The new experience share made it so easy to level up Pokemon that it has become borderline addicting for me to play., nuff said. As for Saints Row 4, tons of fun going on endless rampages, fighting friends with the tentacle bat, and the overall silliness made it a blast to play for me.

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  • The Originals or Reign I guess I don't watch much TV
  • There weren't to many great games last year so I guess Deadly Premonition or The Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite sucked
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For me, it'd be:



-I don't really play video games...

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Favorite movie: Elysium

TV Show: Game of Thrones

Video Game: GTA 5 followed by AC IV Black Flag

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Favorite movie- The Wolf of Wall Street

Scorsese does it again, this movie is brilliant and entertaining the whole way through. I swear when Jonah Hill was talking about his cousin everybody in the theatre was DYING of laughter. It was hilarious, shocking, and just great the whole way through. Jonah Hill was brilliant.

TV show- Breaking Bad

Yeah I've been with it since season 1 and I couldn't be happier with it's gripping conclusion. RIP WW.

Favorite game- Bioshock Infinite and Wind Waker HD tie it for me. Both brilliant games.

But Killzone Shadow Fall has to be an honorable mention. My first TRUE next gen game, (sorry Wii U you don't count)