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Juston Seyfert going around with a sentinel is no different than a guy dressed as Hitler attending a Holocaust survivors' reunion. He should realize that the thing he calls his friend/pet had been a symbol of fear, racism and genocide. Which also affects minorities in the real world. The main theme that made the X-Men popular with other cultures is that they are,if not the first, one of the first minority characters ever published. Off-course they are not the black, Asian, etc., minorities but they fulfill the role as they are few and different compared to the base-line human majority. As with any minority, they have been persecuted and/or terminated by the majority or the elite. In such an event symbols are made(sometimes unknowingly) to remind us of what happened, sometimes offensively. Blacks/Africans would have the KKK burning cross, the Jews would have the swastika and the mutants would have the Sentinels. A symbol of persecution and genocide throughout the mutant-kind, sentinels are responsible for the genocide in Genosha, death of all of Emma Frost's Hellions, and the attack on Utopia.

It might seem foolish/childish to hate on a fictional character like this but as I said before sentinels are much more. A symbol of genocide for cultures that has faced genocide. Fictional or not, sentinels represent humanity's nature to hate what is different and ultimately destroy them.

If Laura has more personality she would have said the same thing.
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pretty much

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If X-men can have Magneto, I guess A Academy can have a Sentinal.

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I can see your argument, but frankly, it's hardly accurate.

For one, you're suggesting that Juston was aware of what the Sentinel was when he rebuilt it, and that he had malicious intent in doing so. Neither is the case, as the original series explains. In fact, when Juston originally found what his Sentinel was used for, he was horrified.

For another, true, the Sentinels are a representation of some of the worst of man. But that doesn't mean it's the same as Juston walking around in Nazi gear. Juston's Sentinel shows signs of sentience and that makes it more than just a symbol. It is looking to his/its friend Juston as an example, and is trying to redeem him/itself.

Juston and his Sentinel represent the concept of redemption and making up for past mistakes and forgiveness. These were themes that came out in the original Sentinel series and the original 2005 mini-series.

Even going along with your argument that it is just a symbol, if it's possible for a Sentinel to represent the worst of humanity, wouldn't it and SHOULDN'T it be possible for it to be remade as a symbol of the right thing?