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Hey guys it is me joe and I am here to tell you guys about my first impressions of the game Paper Mario Sticker Star(note: these impressions are based off the trailer).

When I heard about Sticker Star I was pretty excited for it. I am a huge fan of the Paper Mario series and when I heard the turn based fighting was returning I could not wait, but they took out some of the good things that made the series great in the process.


The story based off the trailer seems pretty dull. Bowser attacks during a festival, the sticker star splits into multiple pieces, and Bowser becomes really powerful. This sounds really familiar...Oh yeah this is somewhat like the plot from the first Paper Mario. Kind of funny how the series went from stopping a powerful bowser, to stopping the end of the world, to stopping the end of all creation, and back to stopping Bowser.


I was really happy to see the turn based system back and the additions of stickers are cool. Outside of battle the game looks like an ordinary Super Mario Bros game(world map, end level objectives, etc). It looks solid, but according to what I have heard there is no leveling up system so you might as well avoid fighting.

Graphics and Sound

The graphics look paper Mario and the soundtrack is very jazz like. Hopefully not all the soundtrack will be jazz though.


This is my biggest complaint is the lack of the partners. They really made the games interesting. They added this emotional element to the game and were great characters with distinct personalities. In a sense this weakens the story.

Grade: B

While it is not my thought of an ideal Paper Mario game it does look like a good game.