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the sentry fought galactus to a stalemate but couldnt beat the hulk in wwh so is he under powered overpowered or good where he is at

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I thought Sentry was about to destroy everything by losing control then Hulk decked him. Not sure how that makes him overrated. Plus, all characters have power fluctuations. :]

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Overrated? By his fanboys, yes. But all characters are overrated by their fanboys. By the majority of the comicbook fanbase, he ain't overrated. In fact, he gets too much hate and gets dissed a lot. Especially due to his helicarrier encounters.

The real question is this: Was he written badly? Hell yes. The Sentry during his ending days was a shadow of his former self -What he was back when he was created.

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Yes, he's overestimated. It also doesn't help that people overlook details.

@kgb725 said:

the sentry fought galactus to a stalemate

Like this detail right here.

He had help.

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Overrated? Not at all. Reasoning? Because no one liked him in the first place....

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Overrated, underrated its all the same really in a general and broad sense, until you actually look at specifics. I mean after all fictional character, multiple writers, multiple ways of interpreting multiple writers writing. The real problem is some posters lacking consideration about what you consider facts in a fictional medium. Writers write characters, you know characters that exaggerate, embellish, use slang, or skim the surface of topics but rarely do you have characters state long winded facts to describe things they may tend to assume other characters they are interacting with, to know already. Characters also aren't computer programs with consistent maximum outputs. Motivation, effort and other subjective factors all affect performance.      

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sentry is a terrible character and a superman knock off just like almost every marvel heroes .

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I like reading his appearances, dont like Debating in threads that involve him.

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Death Seed and Bob sure.

Void is pretty hard to Overrate if you take statements about him seriously.

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He does seem overrated at times.

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Yes, and OVERHYPED. The power of a million exploding suns.....pssssh yeah right.

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No. Hes a multiversal being.