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#51 Posted by joewell (6287 posts) - - Show Bio

@decoyelite: Not at all

That i used to think people could only die with there eyes closed

#52 Posted by Jokergeist (4935 posts) - - Show Bio


That I'm perpetually obsessed with clowns.

#53 Posted by TifaLockhart (14044 posts) - - Show Bio


I like to tickle girls' feet.

#54 Posted by judasnixon (6408 posts) - - Show Bio


I like to roller skate in dive bars.......

#55 Posted by Batman242 (4860 posts) - - Show Bio

Sorta weird.

I'd do almost anything for cookies.

#56 Posted by TifaLockhart (14044 posts) - - Show Bio


My eyes water when I yawn.

#57 Posted by ARMIV2 (8413 posts) - - Show Bio

Not really for me as mine water for just about anything.

I sometimes get sad thinking about cute things because I know that one day they shall grow old and die.

#58 Edited by RulerOfThisUniverse (6258 posts) - - Show Bio

@armiv2: More depressing than weird...but it's still really weird.

I hate the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

#59 Posted by Pr0metheus (5085 posts) - - Show Bio

Not weird

I've watched every episode of the Simpsons to this date...........2-3 times....

#60 Posted by lilben42 (2527 posts) - - Show Bio

Not weird. You would be surprised how many times I watch my favorite show.

I used to slap myself every time I yawn so I would stop. It actually worked for a little bit.